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Why Did My Mattress Get A Body Impression?

You turned it, flipped it, heck you even sang to it, and yet your relatively new mattress developed a body impression very quickly. But wait, didn't the salesperson at the mattress store say the mattress would last for 20 years? Oh, or did they say it had a 20 year WARRANTY? 

Does The Thickness of a Mattress Matter?

If you have been shopping for a mattress of late, it is likely you have noticed that mattresses are getting deeper and thicker. Seemingly, the more...

Do You Need A New Mattress? A Checklist.

Having stayed at a friend's house recently and waking up with a very sore back on their guest bed, I think it is quite obvious that their guest roo...

Is It Possible To Buy A Mattress That Doesn't Get Body Impressions?

Feel like you are sleeping in the valley of the shadow of your mattress? Feel like you roll into a hammock when you get into bed at night? We have ...

Why Did My Bed Get A Body Impression (And How To Prevent It)

Would you spend $1000-$1500 on a new mattress if you knew you would be buying a new one in another 5 years? Likely not, and yet unsuspecting consum...


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