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The Best Organic And Non-Toxic Pillows?

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There are lots of mattress stores in the Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Mountain View area, organic mattresses and memory foam mattresses, but there are not a lot of stores that focus and specialize in pillows, both non-toxic and organic pillows. Nest Bedding is one of the few stores in California that really focus on helping you choose the right pillow for your situation, body type and mattress type, with many choices. 

Pillows can make or break a great night's sleep as a pillow can support your head and neck or lead to upper back and neck stiffness. And when you purchase a new mattress, you should not neglect purchasing a supportive pillow as your new supportive mattress will position your body in new ways.

What kind of pillows will you find at the Nest Bedding stores in Berkeley, San Francisco, Mountain View and now in Los Angeles?

  1. The Easy Breather Pillow - The Easy Breather is not an organic pillow, although it does use certified foam. The Easy Breather is our best selling pillow and due to its patented technology exclusively available at Nest Bedding. The patented fill material locks together to provide consistent support throughout the night regardless of what position you move into. Most pillows shift when you move in your sleep, leaving you out of alignment which leads to discomfort and pain.
  2. The Nature's Perfect Pillow - The Nature's Perfect Pillow is filled with shredded latex and kapok and is a pillow you will exclusively find at Nest Bedding stores. This pillow is made up of shredded natural latex, natural kapok and covered in organic cotton. These pillows provide a soft, supportive pillow that is a great replacement for down and feather pillows.
  3. Bed In A Box Contour and Side Sleeper Pillow - These Gel Foam pillows from our friends at Bed In A Box are made with Gel foam and are cool to sleep on and soft and supportive. Unlike most memory foam pillows, these sleep cool and do not hurt your face. The foam is the perfect combination of supportive and soft.
  4. Kapok Pillows - We have a nice assortment of kapok pillows to fit everyone from kids to side sleepers.

Nest Bedding employs passionate and well-informed, well-trained staff to help our customer's get the best night's sleep they can get. Come on in and try our great mattresses and pillows. We have stores in Berkeley, San Francisco and Mountain View, and just opened up a great new location in the Los Angeles area.