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The Natural Version Of Our Easy Breather Pillow

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The best selling product at Nest Bedding in 2014, by far, has been our Easy Breather Pillow. We have been selling them far and wide, with orders around the world. The success of the Easy Breather Pillow has led to more products in our Easy Breather lineup, including the new Easy Breather Natural Mattress and The Easy Breather Natural Pillow.

The Easy Breather Natural Pillow is now available online here and also is being sold alongside our Easy Breather Pillow. The natural version features natural latex noodles instead of the CertiPUR certified memory foam noodles. This gives The Easy Breather Natural Pillow a bit more bounce and spring-back than The Easy Breather Pillow and is great for those who want more natural products in their life.

Why are the Easy Breather Pillows so popular? Why is it one of the best selling pillows of all time?

The pillow was develop in part by the owner at Nest Bedding out of a desire to have a more comfortable and supportive pillow. He struggled to find the perfect blend of supportive pillow and yet one that slept cool and did not put too much pressure on his face. As most of you know, the wrong pillow can lead to a stiff neck, restless sleep and a sweaty face. 

The Easy Breather Pillows solve these issues. Supportive because of the noodle material of foam, breathable due to the its design and the distinctive mesh band around the pillow, The Easy Breather Pillows hold their shape throughout the night to provide proper support and that "not too soft, not too firm" feel.