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These 4 Things Can Ruin Your New Mattress

Categories: Mattress complaints

Buying a new mattress can make a world of difference in your quality of sleep, and when you spend a lot of money on a new bed, you expect to get great sleep. But what happens when you get the new mattress home only to find it doesn't do all its promised to do? We hear it all the time: The mattress we got just isn't cutting it. We are waking up with pain or its making us sleep hot. But wait, shouldn't all that money you spent mean you are sleeping better, and not worse? 

There are other factors related to your bed you need to consider, and these factors can ruin a perfectly good night's sleep on a perfectly good mattress. 


  1. Did you get a new pillow? Can't tell you how many times I have spent hours fitting a customer to a perfectly good mattress only to have them call 30 days later to report the mattress isn't working out. Upon further investigation, they went home with a great mattress and used their same old broken down pillow. Something as simple as getting a new pillow when you get a new mattress can greatly affect your sleep on your new mattress. Your old, broken down mattress did not support your back properly, which is why you weren't sleeping in the first place. Getting a new mattress which now holds your spine in proper alignment is great, but if your pillow is not supporting your neck and head properly, it's going to feel like the new mattress is causing pain. Don't cheap out! Get a proper fitting pillow, such as the Easy Breather Pillow, which is adjustable.
  2. What is your mattress sitting on? Too often a customer will call and the mattress they purchased is too firm or too soft, only to find it is not sitting on the proper foundation. If your new mattress is sitting on a solid, non-yielding foundation in the store, then you take it home and put it on a flexible box spring, its going to feel different. Same goes with slats. Too often I have gone out to inspect a comfort complaint to find the slats do not have a center support or a really flexible. Make sure you have your mattress sitting on a proper foundation.
  3. Is it your comforter causing discomfort? Heat complaints are not unusual and yet the mattresses we carry are not ones we experience a lot of heat issues, so upon further inspection there are usually a couple of factors. First, what are you using for a comforter? Down and Feathers? A down comforter can have a reassuring weight, but it is also trapping heat and making you sweat most likely. Same goes for your sheets if they are made with microfiber, a fancy name for plastic. Plastics don't breath, leading to sweat and discomfort. Another potential issue can be the base your mattress is on, as a non-breathable base, such as plywood, can cut off air flow. Mattresses need to breath. And it also means you can't store a ton of stuff shoved under your bed. 
  4. Wait it out! The human body is a remarkable machine, and it can adapt to any situation. Your old broken down mattress with a the valley in the middle did not support your back and yet you got used to it. Now you have a brand new supportive mattress and it is not unusual for your back to bark at you because you are being forced back into proper posture. This is why every mattress company and retailer asks you to tough it out for at least 30 days to give your body a chance to adapt to the support. 

If you purchased a new mattress recently and found this post, likely you are experiencing some of the issues listed above. Yes, sometimes it simply can be that you got the wrong mattress. Speaking from years of experience, I have had countless customers call in the first few days of their new mattress arrival reporting issues, only to weeks later find the mattress is perfect for them. If you are experiencing any of these issues, talk to your sleep professional and ask for help.