Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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The Alexander Signature Select Mattress

101 days comfort guarantee!

The Alexander Signature Select Mattress is the newest creation from mattress designer and CEO of Nest Bedding, Joe Alexander. With one of the most technologically advanced mattress factories working with Nest Bedding, we were able to build a high class luxury mattress line domestically at a great price. 

Combining years of experience with state of the art materials and machinery, The Alexander Signature Select Mattress feels like a mattress that costs thousands more. With three models to choose from; firm, medium or soft; The Alexander Signature Select Mattress utilizes Oeko Tex Certified and zoned latex, high density, long lasting 4lb memory foam and Gel Foam and convoluted support foam. These high quality, durable and breathable materials combine to make a very luxurious feeling mattress and one that sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses. And you will notice none of that usual foam scent from our mattresses. Our foams are CertiPUR certified and designed to have little to no chemical smell.

The Alexander Signature Select Mattresses are durable enough to be compress-packed in a small, FedEX-able box, making these luxurious beds accessible to anyone in the country at a reasonable price.