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A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress vs. The Love Bed

Our good friends Tuft & Needle are opening their new showroom in San Francisco and we could not be prouder of them. Like Nest Bedding, the guys have built a business model counter to the traditional mattress store model and have brought a great product at a great price to the market.

We are huge fans and believers in the Tuft & Needle company and the folks behind the brand so we want to be careful in comparing our beds. We believe we both offer a great product at a great value. The Love Bed and the Tuft & Needle mattress are different, but let's compare so you can make an informed choice.

  1. Cost - Tuft & Needle retails their queen memory foam mattress for $600 and queen size Love Bed retails for $799. Pretty close, but we think we have a more substantial bed for just a bit more, such as the types of materials we use, our construction and packaging.
  2. Materials - Tuft & Needle uses traditional flat pieces of foams stacked and glued together and wrapped in a rayon fabric. While this is a tried and true construction, we take things further by using bamboo blended quilted top for cooler sleep. We use convoluted layers to reduce pressure and increase air flow. We use latex in our top layer. And our base, support layers are convoluted as well, decreasing pressure points you would get from flat layers of foam.
  3. Packaging - Tuft & Needle ships in a beautiful box. We admittedly cut corners and just have a plain box. But we do include a nice unboxing experience, complete with a cuddly Love Bed Teddy Bear and instructions on unpacking your new Love Bed. 
  4. 3 Choices as opposed to 1 - When you go to the Tuft & Needle store, you will find one version of their $600 mattress. When you come to Nest Bedding, you will be given a choice of firm, medium or soft in The Love Bed. We find customers like being able to choose which is best for them as opposed to being given one choice.
  5. The Final Word - I love the guys at Tuft & Needle. They are smart, genuine, sincere and hard workers. They are recommended on The Mattress Underground, as is Nest Bedding. They make a good product at a very good price. As always, I recommend that customers shop around, lay on the beds, and then make an informed choice. We feel confident that if you do your homework, you will make the best choice for YOU. And if you decide on a Tuft & Needle bed or The Love Bed, either one, you can't go wrong!

As a little extra bonus, you will find a nice new friend to share The Love when you open your new Love Bed!