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What Is A VOC & Why Should I Care?

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 Remember that new car smell when you got your new ride? There is just something about a new car smell that lets you know your car is "factory fresh". But did you know that is a harmful odor?

VOC or volatile organic compounds is the term that means the off-gassing of a material. Not all VOC's are harmful however. For example, a rose has a scent, or a VOC. That new paint? Bad VOC's. Those harmful chemicals releasing into the air are entering your bloodstream and accumulating in your body. Your body does not know what to do with these accumulated toxic chemicals, and over time can be linked to cancer and other problems. 

Man-made foams are made either with latex rubber or synthetics. When they are new, they off-gas, and those gasses are what you smell. When you use natural bedding, such as buckwheat or millet hulls, down and feathers, wool, kapok or cotton, you are dealing with natural elements that do not release harmful chemical gasses into the air your breath. 

When you sleep on a Nest product, you can rest assured that you are surrounded by non-toxic elements. 

What are you sleeping on?