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4 Tips for a Perfect Night of Self-Care

4 Tips for a Perfect Night of Self-Care

After a long, stressful day it can be easy to fall into the same habits of scrolling through social media, streaming your favorite show, or catching up on household chores. But what time do you leave for your own wellbeing?

If you're feeling burnt out, it's the perfect time to slow yourself down and implement a nightly routine that will leave you feeling refreshed and replenished. According to a recent survey, 44% of adults over the age of eighteen desire more guidance and support for practicing self-care during the COVID pandemic. Similarly, 80% of Americans plan on prioritizing their well-being more post-pandemic than they did before. 

Even if you do not fall into that 44% mentioned above, having an understanding of the simple practices you can do to  recharge your mind and body will have positive effects on your overall health. Here are four helpful tips for a night of practicing self-care.

Boost Your Immune System

While it may not be the first thing you think of before bed, keeping your immune system healthy is one of the most important parts of a self-care routine. To ensure you are getting a full and restorative night’s sleep, a great place to start is by taking a nightly supplement such as a multivitamin or a melatonin sleep gummy to help you wind down from your busy day. If you’re among the nearly 50 million American’s that suffer from seasonal allergies, take a small step toward a healthier you by utilizing an over the counter allergy relief pill and vitamin-infused immune system support tablets for a more restful night. By using a drugstore delivery service, these and other wellness products can be dropped off directly to your front door and your current routine won’t have to be compromised.

Enjoy Your Bedroom

Recently, we shared the importance of removing clutter, upgrading your mattress, and other tips to make your bedroom a stress-free sanctuary. While you may not spend all of your time in your bedroom, it is an important environment for our overall wellness.

Instead of treating your bedroom as a place to “crash,” think of it as your private oasis where you can go to be yourself. Decorate your bedroom with calm-colored bedding, comforting wall decor, and some friendly house plants to keep the environment feeling fresh. Even if you’re only carving out a little time every night, taking this chance to recenter and be more intune with your inner self will recharge you and give you that boost you’ll need the next day. 

Limit Your Distractions

A sure-fire way to not relax during your self-care night is by spending too much time online or watching television. One Nielsen study found that the blue light from our devices suppressed the sleep-aiding hormone melatonin in adults. In order to avoid having a stressful, restless night’s rest, try reading a book in bed. 

Additionally, you can listen to music, write in a journal, or pick up one of those hobbies you’ve been talking about for years. As long as what you are doing is relaxing and not straining your eyes or mind, you will feel more refreshed the next day.

Be Kind to Yourself

Above all else, we must be kind to ourselves. Positive activities stretch beyond the bedroom, but they should always begin and end your day where you lay your head. Practicing yoga and meditation are two great ways to be kind to yourself. Other types of self-care activities include taking a nap, reading poetry or books, or even calling a friend and talking on the phone. 

When it comes to being kind to your body, few activities are more beneficial than a restful night’s sleep. According to this chart from the CDC, adults need a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night to stay healthy. Schedule your night of self-care so that you can optimize the amount of sleep you’ll receive. You’ve turned your bedroom into a tranquil place of serenity, now enjoy all the benefits it can offer.

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