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A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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Who are you sleeping with?

I received this email in my inbox this morning, and its a rather common occurrence since I am a mattress company. The title of this email is:

Chemicals for Foam Mattress

 Dear Manager,

This is IvyWang from Shanxi Basf Isocyanate Co. Ltd.
Our factory is a large and only manufacturer for TDI , MDI and Silicone Surfactant 
in north of China,we take this opportunity to write to you with the hope of making
business with you.
We will offer more information about our products for your refer if you need. Thanks.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards

Ivy Wang

Shanxi Basf Isocyanate Co.,Ltd

( 0086 22 60433024    6 0086 22 60433024

I clicked on the website, and I recommend doing so, because this is a prime example of what you get from buying a typical petroleum based foam mattress:
Yep, right there on their site, at least they don't try to disguise it. Barrels of chemicals, just sitting around in China waiting to get into your new mattress!
Nest Bedding was born for this specific reason: When birds need a bed, they don't fly overseas in search of things that would damage their health. No, sometimes the simplicity of their God given instincts is sheer brilliance: they fly around their local area and gather natural items that are non-toxic. If only we were so smart! Nest Bedding exists to give local consumers the opportunity to sleep with natural materials, non-toxic mattresses and bedding, to lessen their exposure to things that come in big red oil barrels.
Who are you sleeping with? Do you have the utmost confidence that the mattress and bedding you are sleeping with came from local trusted sources, from natural sources, from certified sources?
Something to ponder
Chief Nestologist