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How an Oakland A's Team inspired a mattress store

 At three in the morning a big group of friends and new friends and I were trying to find a pirate feed of the broadcast from Japan, as the Oakland A's started this amazing season playing baseball overseas. Major League Baseball, in their infinite wisdom, figured no one would watch, so there was no official television broadcast of the game. Talk about an after thought.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition. And no one expected the lowly Oakland A's to win the West, let alone win more than 70 games. And yet, here we are, one game away from advancing to the American League Championships. And whatever happens, this team has inspired me.

In July of this year, I was shown the door at the mattress company I helped develop and establish. I worked 7 days a week for 5 years, never turned off the cell phone and was there for retailers and customers and staff 24/7. Loyalty means nothing in business, and likely my age and income were factors in my departure. But by July, the A's were making their run, and watching this team overachieve, listening to guys like Johnny Gomes talk about believing in yourself and going for it, it inspired me to take a run at doing the same thing: going for it all.

In July, I decided to risk it all and start my own mattress company.

Here we are, in October, when good teams are still playing and others are not. And I am proud to say our little store is in the game. It makes me proud to hang a sign on the door of the store, announcing we are closing early for the games, and hopefully this magical season of baseball and memory foam mattresses and organic bedding will continue on past today. But regardless, inspiration comes from the unlikeliest places sometimes. 

Go A's and Go Nest Bedding!