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4 Common Allergies That Make You Snore

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Do you have a problem with snoring?  You might be surprised to find out that it is coming from a problem with allergies.  Even if you do not typically have allergic reactions, they can show up during the night whenever we are breathing more deeply.  Here are the four most common allergies that cause snoring problems for us.  Getting rid of the source of the problem is typically the best way for you to overcome your snoring problem, once and for all.

  1. Pet Dander - Allergic reactions to pets are far more common than most people think.  Even if you do not typically have a difficult time with your animals, deeply breathing at night can cause you to snore as a result of an allergic reaction.  Remove the pet from your bedroom and buy an air filter.  This will help with snoring problems in most cases.
  2. Pollen - Most people realize that they have some problems with pollen allergies but few of them make that connection between this type of allergen and snoring.  During the day, our hair acts as a magnet for this type of pollen and if we don't wash our hair before bedtime, it can be transferred to the pillow.  This can make for a very difficult night of sleep as we breathe the pollen in from the pillow slip.
  3. Creams - Many of us apply creams and lotions before going to bed in order to help with our skin.  If we are doing this on our own skin or if somebody that we sleep with is doing this, it may cause an allergic reaction.  The easiest way for you to test for this type of allergic reaction is to remove it for a night or two and see if the snoring ceases.
  4. Detergents - You might think that you are doing yourself a large favor by keeping your sheets cleaned regularly but if you are allergic to the detergent, it can cause a lot of problems.  Try switching to a hypoallergenic detergent that is also for sensitive skin.  You might be surprised to find out that the problem disappears soon after the switch is made.
With almost any type of allergy, it is a good idea for you to run a high quality air filter in your bedroom.  After just one or two nights of running this filter, you should begin to notice a difference in the way that you sleep and how good you feel when you wake up.