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  • Am I Allergic to My Bedroom? How to Identify Your Allergy Symptoms

    Headache. Itchy eyes. Runny nose. You are sneezing, coughing, and have a scratchy throat, perhaps even a low-grade fever. The tricky thing about symptoms like these is that they can often be misleading. You might have a cold, but you also might be allergic to your bedroom. Here's how.
  • Mattress Mold: Why Your Allergies are Worst In the Morning or While Sleeping

    If your allergies are worst at work, you might suspect the potted plants or dust in the HVAC system. But when your allergies are worst only when you're at home, something terrible has gone amiss. Unfortunately, this can be a sign that mold is growing in your mattress. Here's how to deal with mattress mold allergies.
  • Bed In A Box.com Mattresses Verified Hypo-Allergenic

      One of the many reasons I chose to partner Nest Bedding is because they back up their claims with real, verifiable, third-party testing...
  • 4 Common Allergies That Make You Snore

    Do you have a problem with snoring?  You might be surprised to find out that it is coming from a problem with allergies.  Even if you do not typically have allergic reactions, they can show up during the night whenever we are breathing more deeply.  Here are the four most common allergies that cause snoring problems for us.  Getting rid of the source of the problem is typically the best way for you to overcome your snoring problem, once and for all.

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