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A New Mattress-A Begrudging Purchase

Categories: mattress shopping
It's no secret; Nobody likes buying a new mattress. It's like buying gas; you buy it because you need it, but there is no glamour in it. When you buy a new big screen TV, you can invite all your buddies over and show it off. New car? Park it in the driveway and parade it around the neighborhood. New mattress? BORING! And when was the last time anyone invited you over to check out your new mattress? Exactly.
If you are thinking about your mattress, chances are you are having issues with your mattress. Are you thinking about your hot water heater? Chances are slim, especially if you got up in the morning and took a shower and had hot water. The only time you usually think of your hot water heater is when you don't have hot water. When there is a problem. Same goes with a mattress. If you are thinking about your mattress it is likely you are experiencing pain or discomfort of some kind.
Shopping for a new mattress has to be about as fun as going to the dentist. Running the gauntlet of fake sales, over-hyped marketing claims, salesmen in ties, fluorescent lights, financing, an overwhelming sea of choices, it can be quite overwhelming. And considering that its not a glamour purchase, its one of those purchases that are put off and put off until you just can't take the pain any longer.
What are some of the ways you can make mattress shopping less boring and less of a pain in the back?

1. Pre-shop online. 

Most mattress stores offer a ton of information on their website about their products and services. If they are smart they will have their pricing posted as well, allowing you to get a clearer picture of what is available and at what price range. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the shopping process, and prevents you from falling victim to sales ploys and marketing hype.

2. Check the Reviews

Any mattress store will have a track record, whether it be on or other review sites. When searching for a new memory foam mattress or organic mattress, you should be able to search for the mattress by name and find opinions on the mattress. Review sites will offer a good amount of feedback and can answer a lot of your questions from an unbiased viewpoint. Asking your friends on Facebook or around work can also give you some great local options as well.

3. Bring your Partner or a friend

Two heads are better than one, the old saying goes, and mattress shopping is a great time to have a trusted friend or your sleeping partner there to help you get another perspective. It can also help you from making an emotional or rash decision. Take your time, this is potentially going to be something you own for the next 12-15 years, if you choose properly. Ask your shopping partner for their opinion, ask them to move around on the other side of the bed. Let them ask questions. Bringing a partner to the mattress store also makes the conversation more interesting and keeps the salesperson on their toes and more accountable. 

4. Take you Time, Shop Around

You don't have to make it your life's work, but taking your time will pay off. Visit 4-6 stores. Get a feel for what they have. Find the materials you like the most. Do you like the organic latex mattress or the non-toxic memory foam? Find the stores that carry different brands of those types of mattresses and compare the feels, the prices, the warranties and the guarantees. 

5. Have Fun!

Just because it's a begrudging purchase doesn't mean you can't make it fun. By following the above suggestions, you take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of mattress shopping, and now you are free to have fun. A new mattress will potentially provide you with a great night's sleep and that is a great reward for all your hard work and for subjecting yourself to a potentially un-fun process!
At Nest Bedding, we try to take a tough shopping experience and make it fun. In our mattress stores you won't get hit with all kinds of crazy mattress sales. What you will get is warmly greeted, listened to and respected. We will pair you up with the solution to your unique sleep and body issues and you will never be put in a corner with a hard sell. We present our products and encourage you to shop around, confident that our mattress prices and products are some of the best in the market. Whether you are seeking a memory foam mattress in the bay area or a natural mattress from a natural matter store in San Rafael, San Francisco or San Jose, Nest Bedding should be on every mattress shopper's list.