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7 Comfortable Reasons You Should Absolutely Buy Bamboo Sheets

7 Comfortable Reasons You Should Absolutely Buy Bamboo Sheets

Did you know that cotton was once the go-to material for soft bedsheets? For durability, you have polyester. However, breathability is another crucial factor that many forget to consider.

The good news is that we have a new fabric option for you to test out.

Bamboo sheets have the capability to provide both softness and durability. On top of that, it also comes with breathability and much more.

Today, we will look at the benefits that bamboo sheets bring to your bed. These should help you consider the thought of buying bamboo sheets.

1. Durability

Why buy bamboo sheets? One of the first reasons for this is durability. As a raw material, bamboo stands out for its strength and has a good number of applications to use it on. When spun together, these fibers have the strength to create sheets and other eco-friendly accessories.

In this case, bamboo lasts thrice as long as cotton. This means that it won’t tear up, and it can keep its characteristic softness even after 1000 washes.

Along with this is that white bamboo sheets can keep their color. Instead of fading to gray or yellow after continued use, these sheets stay pristine.

2. Softness

Aside from their durability, bamboo sheets are also soft, silky, and smooth to the touch. With a higher thread count, you can compare its texture with silk or cashmere. Another factor to this texture is the roundness of the bamboo fibers.

On top of this softness is its versatility. It works well for different types of sleepers, especially for warm and cold sleepers. It helps your body temperature adjust during sleep to enhance its breathability.

When combined with a pillowcase and blanket made of bamboo fabric, you get to enjoy this effect. It can lead to a better sleeping experience.

3. Environmental Benefits

Among the selling points in using bamboo sheets is its environmental benefits. This ranges from its cultivation up to its manufacturing. This process provides durable and versatile textiles that utilize organic methods.

Compare the farming methods used to grow bamboo with the ones used for cotton. You would notice the stark differences between the two.

Cotton production ends up with a lot of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 25% of the world’s pesticides go towards cotton production, as well as 7% of the world’s fertilizers.

When you look at bamboo, it doesn’t need any form of chemicals to grow and flourish. All it needs is water for it to flourish and grow to great heights. From it, you can get ample material from the bamboo to process into the fabric.

Bamboo also produces more oxygen when compared to the many trees we have. This helps in reducing carbon dioxide levels.

4. Sustainable to Produce

When you look at the aspect of sustainability, bamboo tends to do more compared to cotton. In this case, you have the fast growth of bamboo to take advantage of. After all, bamboo tends to grow up to one yard per day.

With the growth rates in mind, you can also take note of the root network that bamboo has. It can sprout new stems that would grow tall in a matter of days. This makes the plant a self-replenishing resource.

As for water usage, it can use up to 12 gallons of water to produce a pound of fabric. That is about 1/3 of the average amount of water required for cotton production. The fact that bamboo also self-irrigates helps the situation.

5. Stain Resistant

This property is another benefit that you would get from bamboo sheets. Noting its durability, you have bedding that is both soft to the touch and not prone to looking old and worn. What makes this property interesting is that it is a natural effect.

This allows your bamboo sheets to look fresh and new every time. You have no worries of stains marring the fabric that it would age its appearance. You won’t need to use bleach or any harsh detergent to keep it clean and stain-free.

6. Moisture Wicking and Thermo Regulation

There are situations where sweating can happen while sleeping. This can feel uncomfortable, especially during seasons when the temperatures kick up high. For this, you need bedding that allows for better cooling and moisture-wicking.

The good thing about bamboo sheets is that they can take on these two features in one go. As a textile, bamboo is similar to cotton in how they keep a natural cool temperature.

You can bring your body to a comfortable temperature to ease your rest. This is crucial as your body drops to a certain temperature when you reach REM sleep.

Bamboo stands out by pulling moisture away from your body. This allows you to feel fresh as bamboo is also a quick-drying textile.

7. Keeps Clean and Germ-Free Longer

Bamboo sheets have the benefit of keeping your bed clean and germ-free. It can do so for longer periods.

This is thanks to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can help out with keeping your sheets clean and fresh. It is a property that you can take advantage of.

Even so, it requires proper cleaning and washing to ensure better germ-free protection. Nothing beats regular laundry for a clean and fresh set of beddings.

Try Bamboo Sheets for Your Bedding Today

Bamboo sheets provide a softer and durable option for you to try out. Cool and moisture-wicking, it allows you to avoid sweatiness and uncomfortable nights. It is also a good option for those conscious about the environment and who wish to live a more sustainable life.

To ensure that you have a better chance at a good night’s rest, you need bedding that would let you sleep in peace. We have mattresses and bedding that can help you slip away soundly without any worries. Check out our collection and get started with mattresses, pillows, sheets, and so much more.