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What's a Hybrid Mattress? All You Need To Know

What's a Hybrid Mattress? All You Need To Know

Did you know that among people that suffer from back and body pain, 63 percent claimed that getting a new mattress helped their back?

Mattresses have been around for thousands of years and the technology used in today's hybrid mattresses is meant to make sleeping or relaxing in your bed as relaxing and supportive as possible.

What's a hybrid mattress, you ask? Hybrid mattresses are mattresses comprised of multiple materials. These materials can be steel support coils, latex, memory foam, and even cooling materials.

Continue reading to learn more about hybrid mattress facts and how hybrid mattresses can benefit you.

What's a Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

Hybrid mattresses are unlike other more traditional types of mattresses in the sense that they take the best features of each kind and combine them into one. A hybrid mattress usually consists of at least two of the following materials:

  • A steel coil system. These have individually wrapped coils that handle weight transfer, noise, and movement better than traditional mattresses. This will give you a better night of sleep and improved support.
  • A comfort layer that is made of latex or memory foam.
  • A cooling material like gel, which is poor at conducting heat and keeps you cool through the night.

Combining these hybrid mattress qualities provides the best combination of support and comfort to customers looking for the perfect bed.

The springs provide that traditional bouncy feel, while the foam provides the support you need. Hybrid mattresses are a great choice for people who prefer sleeping on their sides.

Hybrid Mattress Benefits

There are immense benefits to making the switch to a hybrid mattress, from better support to better and higher quality sleep. Here is an in-depth look at how switching to a hybrid mattress will benefit you.


A hybrid mattress provides ample comfort because of its soft top layer. The top layer is usually made of memory foam or latex. This soft layer cradles your body and conforms to the curvature of your form.

This soft layer allows your body to be evenly distributed and supported on the mattress for ample comfort. This reduces pain in your body, as well as helping achy and stiff joints and muscles.

Body Support

Coil springs are an important component of a hybrid mattress because they are the foundation of the support system within the mattress. These coils provide the support that your body needs for a good night's sleep.

They also go a long way in reducing and preventing back pain for people that suffer from severe back and neck problems. This is one of the most important qualities of a hybrid mattress.

Great Value

Most mattresses have a normal lifespan of 7 to 10 years before they need to be replaced. Hybrid mattresses are some of the most durable mattresses on the market today.

They provide the highest level of comfort and support while also being less expensive than most foam and gel mattresses of the same size.

While you might have to pay more upfront for a hybrid mattress when compared to an innerspring mattress, the initial investment is worth it in the long run.

When hybrid mattresses have the proper care they will outlast their innerspring peers by years. This durability will save you money by allowing you to go a longer timespan between your hybrid mattress and your next mattress purchase.


With a hybrid mattress, you don't need box springs like you do for traditional mattresses. This makes them a great choice for platform beds or even motorized adjustable bed frames.

Combining a hybrid mattress with a motorized adjustable bed frame will give you the ultimate experience when it comes to the comfort a bed can provide you.

Additionally, it gives you a great place to read, watch TV, or get some work done on your laptop while still being snuggled up and comfortable.

Cooler Sleeping Conditions

Many people get too hot overnight when trying to sleep, especially during the warmer months of the year. Choosing a hybrid mattress that has a latex or gel top layer is a great way to combat hot sleeping conditions.

Gel and latex both do a great job of whisking away the heat that your body produces during the night. The removal of that heat from your sleeping area will provide you with a much cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

Edge Support

Anyone that has shared a bed likely knows the feeling of sleeping on the edge. On traditional beds, the edge usually doesn't have much support and will give you the feeling that you're on the brink of falling onto the floor.

With hybrid mattresses, you don't need to have those worries. Hybrid mattresses are built in a way that provides plenty of edge support. 

This edge support creates a larger area of space that is usable on the bed, making hybrid mattresses a perfect choice for people who will be sharing their bed with a partner.

Low Motion Transfer

Everyone has experienced those nights where they toss and turn and no matter what they try they're unable to fall asleep. If you share your bed with a partner you won't have to stress about keeping them awake during those nights.

One of the big hybrid mattress benefits is the low motion transfer they have due to the memory foam layer. This layer isolates motion and absorbs shock.  This keeps it from transferring to the other side of the bed.

Easy Maintenance

Another great hybrid mattress quality is how easy they are to maintain. With traditional mattresses, you need to flip them in order to keep the springs from going bad. If you don't flip them your bed will start to sag.

With hybrid mattresses, you don't need to worry about flipping your mattress. The memory foam and isolated coil system keep it firm and supportive. Once it is in place it is good to go for years to come.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Mattress?

What's a hybrid mattress bring to the table that other mattress types don't? Hybrid mattresses are a great choice for you from a health benefits standpoint as well as for your budget. They offer the best balance of support and comfort, while also limiting motion transfer and providing ample edge support.

They are also the best mattress for durability and longevity, giving you years of restful and peaceful sleep. Best of all, they are versatile and easy to take care of. 

Visit Nest Bedding for all of the best hybrid mattresses and upgrade your quality of sleep today.