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7 Creative Home Spa Ideas to Relax

Being stuck at home during the middle of a global pandemic is a level of stress none of us could have anticipated. You can’t go to work, you can’t see your family and friends, and you can’t go out to enjoy your favorite leisure activities. But one great way to lower your stress levels and give yourself a little TLC is to have a home spa day.

With just a couple of things you can find around your home, you can create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Read on to find some home spa ideas for how to transform your bedroom into the perfect staycation getaway.

Set Up Your Pampering Station

The first thing you should do when you’re preparing for your home spa day is to set up your pampering station. This should be an area where you can spread out, be comfortable, and relax. A bathroom can work well for this, as can a sunroom or your bedroom.

Get out a bathrobe if you have one or your comfiest pajamas if not. Pull out your fuzziest pair of socks or slippers, and grab all the tools you’ll need for your spa day. This may include toe separators, nail trimmers, and polish if you’re planning on doing a pedicure or warm towels, clean washcloths, and a basin of warm water if you’re doing a facial. 

Engage All Your Senses

Many people think of spas as being about touch (massage, facials, pedicures, etc.), but it’s important to engage all your senses. You may not notice it when you’re at the spa, but those establishments work to create an atmosphere that gently entices you to be present in the moment. This helps you to release any worries outside of that space and truly relax.

Find some soothing music you like and put it on at a low volume. Light a gently scented candle or set an oil diffuser to run during your relaxation time. If you can, dim the lights in the room, and if you can’t, try setting small candles or lamps around to provide a soft, diffuse light. 

Set Up a Refreshment Tray

Engaging your sense of taste is as important as engaging your sight, hearing, and smell. And you don’t want to have to interrupt your relaxation day to go get a drink. Instead, set up a tray of refreshments in your pampering area so you have everything on hand to truly enjoy yourself.

Start your tray with an assortment of caffeine-free hot teas; chamomile and green tea are excellent choices. Add some chilled water, and get creative making infused water if you like. Also set out some light, refreshing snacks – fresh fruit and veggies can work well, as can light finger sandwiches. 

Make a DIY Mask 

Once you have your pampering station set up, it’s time to start gathering your spa essentials. Face masks can be a great way to treat your skin and your self-care all at once. And don’t worry about going to the store to get one – there are several DIY face masks you can make with stuff you already have at home. 

Honey can help to soothe your skin, and oatmeal is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Greek yogurt can also help to soften and soothe your skin, as can aloe vera. You can also add ingredients like turmeric (an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), avocado (a great moisturizer), and egg whites (antibacterials) to your mask, depending on your skin type. 

Rest Your Eyes 

Our eyes don’t get the appreciation they deserve most of the time. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the second we go to sleep at night, they work hard for us. And after staring at harsh screen glare all day, your eyes deserve a little love during your at-home spa day.

We’ve all seen cucumbers placed over the eyes of people relaxing at day spas, and for good reason. Cucumbers can be very cooling and can help soothe tired, dry eyes. Chamomile tea bags (cooled, of course) can also work well; make yourself a pot of chamomile for your refreshment tray, and save the tea bags to place on your eyes.

Make a Body Scrub

Many day spas feature all sorts of fancy body scrubs, polishes, and peels. These treatments can help remove dead skin, leaving your skin baby-soft and you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And there are several recipes you can use to make a body scrub for your at-home spa day.

There are two basic ingredients you need for a body scrub: sugar and oil. Combine equal parts coconut oil and granulated sugar to form a paste; you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you like. Step into a warm shower and use this paste to scrub down from head to toe (being gentler around your more sensitive areas). 

Treat Your Hair

Many of us are missing our appointments at the hairdresser these days. But you can give your hair some special treatment at home even when you can’t get into the salon. A DIY hair mask can help prevent split ends, nourish your roots, and keep your hair feeling silky and soft.

If you have dry hair, a honey, egg, and apple cider vinegar mask can help moisturize your locks. If you have a dry, flaky scalp, try using some of your body scrub. If you want to add shine to your hair, use a mask made with honey, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil.

Find More Home Spa Ideas

When times are stressful, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. Having a home spa day can be a great way to look and feel your best, as well as to spend a little time relaxing. Light a candle, grab the honey, and spend some time pampering yourself.

If you’d like to find more great home spa ideas, check out the rest of our site at Nest Bedding. We specialize in creating mattresses, bedding, and furniture designed to make your life more comfortable and well-rested. Shop our sleep apparel today to find the perfect thing to wear during your spa day for maximum relaxation.


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