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7 Virtual Sleepover Activities to Do With Friends

7 Virtual Sleepover Activities to Do With Friends

On average, American adults have 16 friends. Out of those 16, 3 are best friends, 5 are people they like and hang out with, and 8 are people they like but don't hang out with.

No matter how many (close) friends you have and what your personality is like, chances are, you're probably missing the time you usually spend with them. But thankfully, we have modern technology that allows us to connect with one another in an instant.

In this article, we'll give you 7 virtual sleepover activities to do with friends so you can still enjoy everyone's company.

1. Do an Alcohol Tasting

Perhaps you and your friends have some common tastes in alcohol. Or maybe you all like different things!

Either way, doing an alcohol tasting can be a great way to kick back, relax, and have some laughs. Put together a list beforehand so everyone can go shopping before your virtual sleepover party. Then, you can all pop bottles open, have a taste, then chat with one another about your opinions.

Who knows, you may just find your new favorite bottle of red wine or rum. You'll never know until you try a tasting with your friends!

2. Have a Book Club Meeting

This can be one of the best fun activities to do with friends if you're all bookworms. You guys should all agree on how many chapters should be read in 1 week, then get together for the virtual sleepover party.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, get a bowl of snacks, and wrap up in your favorite blanket. Then, grab your book and have hours of scintillating discussions with your buddies over your favorite (and least favorite) parts you've read.

3. Watch Videos Together

Do you miss the old days where you'd get together, suit up in your pajamas, then lie in bed to watch videos together? Whether it failed compilations on YouTube or movies on Netflix, you loved to snuggle up with your friends with a good glass of wine and some snacks.

You can still get the same atmosphere going, even when far apart! Snuggle up in your cozy comforter and pick some videos, TV shows, and/or movies to watch together.

You can either do a countdown to press "play" together or find one of the many programs that'll sync videos for you. Many of these even have chatboxes and video chat functions, so you can do your virtual hangout and watch party all in one program or browser window.

4. Play Video Games Together

Maybe you and your friends aren't the types to just sit back and watch something. Instead, you enjoy getting competitive on video games.

In that case, get everyone to log onto their PCs or consoles, then start duking it out on a competitive first-person shooter like Call of Duty. Then, when you want to chill out and talk with one another, you can play something more cooperative and relaxing, like Minecraft.

The great thing about video games is there are plenty of genres to choose from, meaning there's something for everybody. Plus, the chat capabilities on both computers and consoles are pretty advanced, which means you can communicate with one another with practically zero issues.

5. Work out Together

Sitting around with nothing to do can take its toll on your waistline. This is especially true if you have online hangouts with your friends every week and just pig out on pizza, snacks, and booze.

Working out together can present fun challenges for sleepovers. You don't even have to make it a pure workout session; instead, you can set rules that everyone has to follow, which makes it more exciting.

For example, every time someone says a particular word, everyone has to do 5 pushups. Or between every activity, everyone needs to do 10 situps.

That way, you can all still indulge in other activities on this list, but get some physical activity in too!

6. Have an Arts and Crafts Session

You've probably seen those arts and crafts sessions where friends gather, have a glass of wine, and then draw together. In the end, they've had a great bonding session and a piece of artwork to remember the time.

You can recreate this for your virtual sleepovers! Try finding a YouTube tutorial so you can play it and everyone can follow along.

Or better yet, if you're all artists, you can take turns "leading the class." Every sleepover, showcase one person's talent by letting them teach everyone their craft. Not only will this be fun, but it'll also be very educational.

7. Play Drinking Games

If you're too lazy to put together any of the above activities, you can always resort to good old college drinking games. It may have been a while since you've played these, but it can reawaken those feelings of dorm living in your early 20s.

You can play games like Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever. These are both fun games to play over Facetime and easy to set up. You can also turn some basic card games into drinking games if you wish.

Try These Virtual Sleepover Activities to Do With Friends

Now that you have a few virtual sleepover activities to do with friends in mind, the next step is to get everyone "together" for this event. While it's no substitute for the real thing, it's still better than nothing at all.

By keeping in touch and trying out these fun virtual games, you'll keep each other's spirits up. Plus, it'll allow you to get to know one another even further. So strengthen your friendships with regular virtual sleepovers!

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