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7 Tips for Helping Pets Sleep During the Summer

7 Tips for Helping Pets Sleep During the Summer

Cats will sleep for about 16 or more hours a day. Adult dogs will sleep anywhere between 10-14 hours a day. Newborn kittens and puppies can sleep for about 20 hours a day. 

Are your pets getting enough sleep each day and night? When the summer heat starts creeping in, it can be difficult to keep your pets comfortable during the night. As a pet owner, it's beneficial to learn a few tips and tricks for helping pets sleep through summer nights.

In the guide below, you'll discover lots of helpful information about sleeping on hot nights for your pets. Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Help Them Get Their Energy Out

It's much easier for your pet to sleep throughout the night when they've exerted all of their energy during the day. If a dog spends the entire day sleeping inside of a cage, then that pup might not be ready to sleep for several hours during the night. Help all of your pets exercise during the day by spending a few hours playing with them or by taking your dog on long walks.

A cat will need about 30 minutes of exercise time a day. The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on the breed of dog you have, so be sure to do your research. Getting all of that energy out an hour or so before bed will encourage your pets to sleep through the night. 

2. Develop a Sleep Routine

Pets need a good sleep routine just like humans do. What are some good sleeping habits for pets? Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day. 

This will get your dog or cat used to going to sleep at bedtime each night. You should also consider taking your dog on walks at the same times each day and especially once right before bed. Feeding your pets several hours before bedtime will help them digest their food with ease rather than going to sleep with full bellies.

Once you create a daily routine, do your best to stick to it even on the weekends. This will help you sleep better each night as well, even when it's a hot summer night. 

3. Groom Them on a Regular Basis

Grooming your pets helps to remove any excess hair on their bodies. This is especially true for pets with longer coats, but all pets should be groomed to help them stay comfortable. When the heat of summer is among us, all of that extra hair can add heat and weight to their coats. 

Create a coat that's not as dense and help them stay cool during the entire summer. Ask your vet about your specific type of pet and how often you should groom them during the summer months. 

4. Ensure a Cozy Sleeping Place 

Getting comfortable at night during the summer can be tricky at times for your pets. When you give them a cozy place to sleep, they'll be much more inclined to get into bed and stay there throughout the night. Finding the right beds for dogs or cats might take some research.

Once you find good luxury pet beds, however, it's worth the effort. A bed that's breathable and non-absorbent is ideal. They should also be washable and come with a trail to ensure it's the right selection for your pet. 

Give your pets a few nights to adjust to their new bed and see how they like it. The right pet bed will help them stay comfortable all night long while allowing you to get your proper amount of sleep as well. 

5. Keep the Home Cool at Night

Energy bills tend to rise during the summer when air conditioners are working overtime to keep homes cool. For this reason, you may put your thermostat up a few extra notches during the day to save money. During the night, however, do be sure to lower that temperature so your pets can sleep comfortably. 

Bigger dogs may require the temperature to be below 75 degrees at night. You can speak with your vet about the appropriate temperature for your pet. Using fans in the home during the night can also help improve airflow and cool down your pets. 

6. Provide Fresh, Cool Water

Drinking fresh water can help regular your pet's body temperature. You never want to force your pet to drink water. Instead, you want your pet to drink small amounts of fresh water throughout the day to help them stay hydrated and cool. 

Always ensure there's enough cool water for your pet to drink at all times, especially during the night. If your pet's feeling a bit warm, then they can get up and drink water before returning back to bed. 

7. Visit Their Vet to Rule Out Medical Conditions

There could be an underlining medical condition that's preventing your pet from sleeping throughout the night. This is especially true for older pets that are suddenly having trouble sleeping. Schedule an appointment with your pet's vet and let the vet know about their sleeping troubles. 

The vet can determine if there are any medical conditions and provide proper treatment if needed. Your vet might also have a few suggestions to help your specific pet sleep better at night, so it's always worth taking them in. 

You Can Help Pets Sleep All Summer Long

When your pets aren't sleeping throughout the summer night, there could be a variety of factors at play. The best way to help pets sleep during hot summer nights is to follow the tips listed in this guide above. Go down the list making adjustments in your home where needed until your pet is sleeping like a baby every single night.

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