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Sleeping in the Summer: 7 Tips for Better Rest During Hot Nights

Sleeping in the Summer: 7 Tips for Better Rest During Hot Nights

It’s hot and you're spending your night tossing and turning. Will you ever get the restful sleep you deserve? Why is it so hot?

Sleeping in the summer can quickly become unbearable, especially if you can't manage to cool yourself down. Even if you've tried dozens of options it's safe to say you've not found the one that can help you make it through the summer without dropping a couple beads of sweat.

If you're wondering how sleeping in the summer works? Stop worrying and fearing sleeping this year after you check out this lost of tips that will help you get a cool night's sleep during one of the year's best seasons: the summer.

1. Open the Windows

Sometimes the only way to get the restful sleep you need is to open your windows. This is the first option we have to offer when you're trying to figure out how to sleep during hot nights.

This option works the best if the internal temperature of your home is warmer than the temperature outside. As the day goes on, the temperature outside will drop, making it cooler than it is during the day.

By opening the window, it can help to cool down the internal part of your home, making your bedroom seem less stuffy, which makes it better for you when you're going to sleep at night.

2. Drink More Water Before Bed

Have you ever drunk water and felt an overwhelming coolness rush through your body? If you're finding it hard to sleep and stay asleep when it's hot in your home, you should consume a glass of water before going to bed.

You should also keep a glass of water in your room so that if you wake up, you can drink some more. When it's hot, you will begin sweating while sleeping.

Drinking water before you go to sleep will help you remain hydrated, and it will help to replenish the water you've lost because you start sweating when you're sleeping in a climate that's too hot.

3. Make Warm Showers a Part of Your Bedtime Routine

We understand you might be wondering what taking a warm shower would do except make you even warmer. If you take a cold shower, your blood vessels constrict, and when you get out, you're just going to become hot again quickly. 

Instead, it would help if you took a warm shower because it will increase your blood flow. When your blood flow is increased to your skin, it makes it easier for your body to increase its heat loss.

Increasing the heat loss from your body will help you remain cool, and when you're clean, it can calm you and prepare you to go to bed and get a restful night of sleep.

4. Get a Fan

If your room is warm, you can get a fan and put it in your window seal no matter what you do. Depending on which way you place the fan, the fan can suck the warm air out of the room and push it outside.

Or it could suck the cold air from outside and bring it into your room. If you don't want to increase your air conditioning bill, the fan is the way to cool your room because it's a cost-effective way.

If you want to take things a step further and continue cooling yourself off, we recommend placing a bowl of ice cold water in front of the fan. Once you turn the fan on, it will begin to blow a cooling mist over you while you sleep.

5. Turn Down the Air Conditioner Early

Sometimes people keep their air conditioner at a specific temperature, and then when the nighttime comes, they turn it down. If you understand your home is warmer at night than during the day, you should turn down the temperature earlier.

You should do this because it gives your home time to acclimate and decrease in temperature over time than all at once. When you force your thermostat to cool the home fast at one time, it makes the system overwork, which will increase your air conditioning bill.

6. Reduce the Lighting

Light creates heat the longer you leave it on. Start reducing the lights instead of leaving the lights on when it gets closer to bedtime.

If you're not in your bedroom, keep the lights off before getting ready for bed. You don't have to worry about keeping the lights on in the summer because it stays lighter longer.

Speaking of lighting, try your best to keep the curtains closed in your bedroom because keeping them open will continue to increase the heat in your bedroom.

7. Choose Breathable Linens

While we're on the topic of improving sleeping habits, one such habit you should break is choosing linens that aren't breathable. During the summer, you need to make the quilts and heavy blankets off your bed and store them until the next winter.

After you've stored your heavy blankets, you need to choose lightweight linens that will keep you cool while you're sleeping. For example, sleeping on satin sheets isn't a good idea because satin sheets will trap your body heat in, which will cause you to be warmer while you're sleeping.

The less heat that remains trapped between your sheets, the easier it will be for you to cool off during the evening when you're sleeping.

Sleeping in the Summer: Tips to Keep Yourself Cool

When you're sleeping in the summer, there are several things you can do to get a cool night's sleep. Some of these tips include choosing the right linens to put on your bed and putting away your heavy blankets.

Speaking of linens for your bed, there's only one place to shop if you're shopping for some new ones. Contact The Sleep Doctor and let us help you find linens that will keep you cool all summer long.