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Is It Time To Upgrade To A Bigger Mattress?

Categories: mattress shopping
Buying a new mattress is already stressful enough an endeavor with sales, brands, gimmicks, marketing, a myriad of choices and pushy, uninformed salespeople. What can further add to that stress is that most of the time a new mattress is accompanied by a life-changing event, and whether it is a good or bad stress, there is added stress. A new baby, a divorce, a big visit from family, a marriage. These are all potentially new mattress events. 
And when shopping for a new mattress or upgrading to a high quality, non-toxic memory foam mattress or organic latex mattress, it is a great time to take into consideration the size of your bed.
If you do your homework properly, a good quality memory foam mattress or organic natural mattress should last you 12-15 years. (Stores like Sleep Train and Mancini's and other big box retail stores recommend 5-7 years, which means you should look elsewhere). And since a good quality mattress is going to last a while, it is a good time to consider moving up to a bigger size. 
Here are some things to consider when thinking about upgrading to a bigger size mattress:
  • Have your needs changed? New partner? New addition to the family? Have pets that like to sleep in bed with you? Moving to a new place with a bigger bedroom? A bigger size can give you more personal sleeping space which can greatly increase your ability and likelihood of getting an undisturbed sleep.
  • Are they going to change? Knowing you are going to be getting a new mattress, are there big changes in the works? Planning on moving to a big city? Planning on having a baby someday in the not too distant future? A little planning can prevent you from investing in a great new bed only to have to get a new one a few years later.
  • You decided to upgrade to a bigger mattress, but now what about everything around it? Remember, if you bump up to a King or California King mattress you also have to bump up to a bigger frame, sheets, blankets, bedding. Make sure you are taking these expenditures into account before getting excited about that big new mattress.
  • Will it fit? I cannot tell you how many times customers have excitedly decided in the store to upgrade to a bigger size, on a whim, only to find out once they got it home their big new memory foam or organic mattress would not fit! Bedrooms in San Francisco tend to be on the smaller size, while living out in the suburbs of the East Bay you see bigger spaces. A good way to get a visual of how your new bed will look in your room, besides the obvious measuring, is to cut out some cardboard and lay it on the floor in your room.
  • Moving! Are you planning on moving anytime soon? Moving to a big city like New York and San Francisco you could likely find smaller bedrooms and constricted access to those bedrooms. Many of the Victorians in SF have narrow halls and stair wells, making access difficult. Now, the Bed in a mattresses come in a box and fold up in half, which can help, but keep these things in mind when considering the move from small to big.
  • Still rocking the twin from Mom and Dad? Lastly, if you are living on your own and still have that old twin mattress from home or college, buying a new mattress is the perfect time to move up in size. Remember, collecting baseball cards or stamps is fun. Old mattresses? Not as impressive.
Hope these things help in your quest for a new mattress! At Nest Bedding in Albany/Berkeley California, we take pride in helping our customers and potential customers make informed, non-pressured choices about their very personal sleep product choices. 
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