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Martha Stewart Sheets Smell Like Chemicals!

Categories: Toxic Sheets

Do a quick Google search for "Martha Stewart sheets smell like gasoline" and you will find lots of complaints online from consumers who have purchased these sheets from retailers such as Macy's, thinking with a high quality brand from a high quality store, they have to be good, right?


Most of these sheets are made in China, where labor is cheap and the fabrics are cheap. The materials are grown with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, sprayed with fungicides, treated with anti-shrinking chemicals and dyed with chemical dyes. Then, they are packaged in plastic which transfers to the fabric, adding to the chemical stew that awaits the consumer when they pull open the packaging.

Make sure you buy only certified organic sheets, USA made, which have not been treated with any chemicals. A quick search of the internet or stores around the San Francisco Berkeley and SF Bay Area will show you plenty of retailers who carry good quality USA made sheets. At Nest Bedding, we carry USA grown and USA made cotton sheets available in flannel, sateen and percale, both natural and white fabrics.