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Organic Flannel Sheets

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If you are searching the internet for organic flannel sheets, you are going down the same path I did when I started Nest Bedding. 


My journey started with searching the internet for organic sheet sets and organic flannel sheets and I was amazed at how expensive organic sheets and sheet sets were being advertised. I was having an even harder time finding organic sheets and organic flannel sheets with two other qualifiers other than organic, and that was made in America and affordable.
Seems most of the organic sheets available in the market were made overseas. And additionally, they were very expensive. Priding myself on offering good quality at affordable prices, I continued to search until finally, I found a great little company. Offering organic flannel sheets and sheet sets for under $100 (queen set) was my goal and I was able to do with organic and made in America.
Today, I am very happy to say Nest Bedding does a tremendous amount of business with both organic sheet sets and separates, along with matching duvet covers. The sheets are a good quality, come in white, natural, white stripes and three color piping. They also come in two other materials other than flannel, which is percale and sateen.
What is an organic flannel sheet? It is a sheet made from cotton grown to organic standards, spun into a thread, then that thread is carded, or combed into a softer thread and then woven, leaving the fabric feeling soft and thick, much like a sweatshirt. Organic flannel sheets are great sheets for winter or people who do not like the slick feel of silk or sateen sheets. Organic Flannel Sheets are a must for anyone who owns a non-toxic memory foam mattress or organic latex mattress. Regular flannel sheets are usually made overseas, utilize some polyester content and the cotton has been treated and subjected to harsh and toxic chemicals. Also, the dyes companies use to color the sheets more often is chemical-based and toxic.
Nest Bedding makes it affordable for anyone to experience the luxurious feel of organic flannel sheets.