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Is Brand Important When Choosing A New Mattress?

Categories: mattress shopping
Right up there with shopping for a new car or getting a root canal, mattress shopping is a daunting and tedious exercise. There are so many brands, types and prices, it's hard to know which mattress is the best for you. Then, to make matters worse, some mattress retailers have inflated prices and sales to incentivize you to buy when THEY want you to buy, not when you are ready. The manufacturers switch the names in all the stores to further confuse you, making it even harder to compare and get a good value.
One of the ways we have been conditioned to shop for a mattress in the midst of all this confusion is to shop for name brands. Recognizable names make us feel like they are more trusted and more legitimate. However, in today's mattress market, consumers have shifted away from name brands and the internet has become the name brand, with customers placing their trust in what the internet has to say about mattresses. 
In the "old days" of the mattress business, consumers shopped for the big "S" brands, Simmons, Serta, Sealy. Then companies like Tempurpedic and Sleep Number began spending millions creating a new brand and consumers welcomed them with open arms. The old way of doing business, before the dominance of the internet, was to spend millions telling people how great and amazing your products are, and over a period of time, consumers believed the message. However, with information at our fingertips, consumers have shifted from believing paid advertising and now put more trust and stock in what they read online about companies, their products and other consumer's experiences. The internet has become the brand.
In the current age of mattress sales, consumers rely on independent review sites like Viewpoints, Sleep Like The Dead and Epinions for up to date, unbiased and unfiltered reviews about mattresses. No longer are consumers stuck in the web of subtle deceit and marketing terms, or being held hostage by sales and salespeople. With the covers thrown off the industry, pun intended, consumers get the upper hand and can shop with confidence.
So, recognizing the brand name no longer becomes important, and consumers can discover better quality beds with better prices, since these companies do not have to spend the millions on marketing, which gets tacked on to the price of the mattress. Do you think those $5-$6,000 mattresses are really worth that much money? No. They have very similar materials as other mattresses half the price, but you are just paying for all that unnecessary marketing.
A great example of this new business model is the Nest Organics line of natural, organic mattresses, available at Nest Bedding, or the Bed In A product, also available here at the store or on our web store. These brands are a much better overall value, utilizing better quality materials, and have a lower price point, without sacrificing quality. Taking advantage of the inexpensive yet powerful internet marketing and building on independent reviews from customers, word is getting out across the country about these great beds.
As you search for organic mattresses in the Bay Area or even memory foam mattresses in the San Francisco or Berkeley Ca area, Nest Bedding is setting a new standard for quality, price, and upfront, straight-forward customer service and information. 
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