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Does Memory Foam Sleep Hot?

"I don't like memory foam!" That is a statement I hear all the time in my mattress store, and in every mattress store I have ever worked. Obviously, there are a lot of people out in the marketplace with the opinion that memory foam and memory foam products, such as memory foam mattresses and pillows, are not the material for them. But what if their experience was based on a poor quality memory foam? What are the common complaints with memory foam?
  • Sleeps hot
  • Too expensive
  • Horrible smell from chemical off-gassing
  • You get stuck in a hole when you try to move
  • It is very heavy
  • It is hard in the cold and mushy in the heat
  • Exacerbates allergies
Wow, there are a lot of reasons to hate memory foam! But if this is the case, then why are memory foam mattresses and pillows the top selling types of sleep products? 
Simply this: Not all memory foam is created equal.
I have had experience with lots of memory foam brands, including Tempurpedic. I can tell you that most certainly, not all memory foam is created equal. What I find is that most people, particularly those who are turned off to memory foam mattresses and pillows, have that opinion because they have experienced a poor quality memory foam, OR, one of the big name brands which use a very dense type of memory foam, which tends to sleep hot and have strong chemical odors when new.
So yes, SOME memory foam does sleep hot. Many of the big name brands use a very dense, I would venture to say too dense, type of memory foam, which accounts not only for a lack of air flow, but for the sink-in feeling complaint, as well as the hard in the cold/softer in the heat feeling. Some of these companies will tout that they cut air channels in the middle of the mattress, however, that will not alleviate the issue because the heat is generated by your body at the surface of the mattress. These type of memory foam beds use plastic, polyester fabrics on top of the dense foam which combines to created a non-breathable surface. 
One of the reasons we carry the Bed In A brand is because they address these many memory foam product issues. There are not many companies creating memory foam products who can honestly say they have addressed these issues and can back them up with valid, third party test results.
We challenge you to discover what many, many of our satisfied customers have found with the Bed In A memory foam mattresses and pillows:
  • They don't sleep hot due to an open cell type of foam, lower density and natural fabrics
  • They are very reasonably priced due to lack of national mass market ads and consolidated shipping
  • No toxic chemical off-gassing
  • Quick response when you roll over, so no "stuck in a hole" feeling
  • Lower density means not as heavy, easier to make and move
  • Lower density/better breathability means it doesn't feel mushy in heat or hard in cold 
  • Third party testing to prove hypo-allergenic claims
Bed In A memory foam mattresses now available at Nest Bedding in Albany/Berkeley Ca and San Francisco Ca.