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Does Where You Buy Your New Mattress Matter?

Categories: mattress shopping
We talk a lot on the Pillow Talk blog about the types and brands of mattresses, but today we want to shift gears and talk about where you buy your new mattress, and why it matters.

Let's face it: Buying a new mattress is a time consuming, invasive and sometimes horrible experience. Most people feel this way because of how most mattress stores are set up: commissioned salespeople pressuring you to by now, inflated prices and crazy promotions, confusing names and models which change from store to store, and products which are usually designed to be replaced every 5-7 years. No wonder the mattress business has such a bad reputation.

But of course not all stores are structured this way. Nest Bedding is just one of a growing trend of small, consultative type of mattress stores with a smaller selection and well-trained, friendly staff, who do not push you to buy, but rather educate and lead you to the solution of your sleep issues.

Here are some of the factors leading to an unpleasant mattress shopping experience:

  • Commissioned salespeople - Most major mattress chains pay their salespeople a large percentage based on profit, so they are motivated to push you into buying now and for more money, not necessarily when you want it and what is best for you.
  • Name-Brand Mattress Confusion - Most of the major retailers selling mattresses stock the name brands, which all employ the old bait and switch type of tactics, such as changing fabrics and names at every store to prevent consumers from comparison shopping.
  • Inflated Prices and Fake Sales - Most mattress retail chains will advertise a big sale on some items, but all they are doing is coming down to the regular price from an overly inflated price to make consumers feel like they got a bargain.
  • Buy The Box Spring or Void Your Warranty! - Some of the major companies try to force you into buying their over-priced box spring at the time of the mattress purchase by telling you it voids the warranty if you don't put it on their box spring. 
  • Free Delivery/Free Frame/Free Pillows - Sorry, but trucks and gas and pillows and employees all cost money, and that means these things are built into the pricing and not free. You are paying for them in the price of the mattress.
How do you find a good mattress retailer? Ask your friends, check online review sites and comparison shop. If a store is trying to pressure you into buying when you are not ready, it's a good indicator that it's not the store or product for you. You should be able to shop in a pressure-free environment at your leisure and decide when you are ready. Also, look for stores that carry good brands with good reputations on websites such as or Viewpoints. com. Consumer feedback is a lot more valuable than a salesperson's claims. 

Finally, a good retailer will have great policies which benefit the consumer and not the retailer's pocketbook. For example, if your new mattress is not solving your sleep issue, if you can't return it or if it costs you money to return, look elsewhere for retailers who put your needs and your wallet first. 

At Nest Bedding we practice Customer-Centered customer service, with liberal return policies and no-pressure sales education, with good American brands. Check out Nest Bedding when you are in the market for a new foam or latex mattress, organic bedding or furniture.