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Do You Need A King Size Mattress?

Ah, to be the king! Throughout the centuries, to be the king meant to wield unbridled power and to own all the eye could see. In the mattress business, it is the biggest territory you can own, a big, wide mattress with lots of space to roll around. 
But it also means it takes up lots of space. Do you need one? Have room for one? Do you need a King?
80% of the country sleeps on a Queen size mattress. At 5 feet wide, it affords a couple a good amount of sleeping space. But some people have different needs and would be a good candidate for a King size mattress. And some would benefit from a Cal King. 
A King size mattress is the same length as a Queen size mattress, but is a full 16" wider, affording the sleeper more sleeping area. If you sleep with kids, pets or tend to move around in your sleep, a King would be a good idea. Also, if one or more of the occupants have a bigger than average body type, that extra space will allow for a proper amount of space between each occupant so they do not touch in the night. Touch, sound, pain, light; any sensory stimulation will bring a sleeper out of restorative sleep and inhibit the body's ability to rebuild on a cellular level. Even the slightest pressure, like from a traditional coil mattress can add to movement and discomfort. A King allows for a bit of rolling around space, especially if you co-sleep with kids or pets.
If you are 6'5" or taller, you should consider a California King mattress. A Cal King is 6' wide, or a full foot wider than a Queen, but is an additional 4" longer. Ask most tall people and they will tell you that their feet dangling off the end of the bed or touching the foot board can be very annoying and lead to waking up in the night.
While a King or Cal King may make sense for some people, not everyone has the space for one. A King or Cal King mattress can take up a lot of space in your bedroom. And simply measuring sometimes isn't enough to help you discern if it will fit comfortably in your room. A good way to visualize if a bigger mattress will work in your space is to measure out the length and width of the size you want and cut it out of cardboard. Move your existing bed out of the room and lay the cardboard out in the room to see how much room you have around the bed. 
Also, keep in mind that if you do upgrade to a bigger size that you need to budget for all new bedding and a new bed to place the larger mattress upon. King and Cal King sheets are more expensive and in some places in the US, Cal King sheets are not available off the shelf. at many stores outside of California. Nest Bedding carries a full selection of organic sheets in all sizes at affordable prices in our stores and online shop. 
Whether you like sleeping on a memory foam mattress, coil mattress or organic natural mattress, having a bigger sleeping area like a King or Cal King may be just what the doctor ordered.