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What is the Best Mattress?

Categories: mattress shopping
Here is a question I get asked over and over again, as I have sold most every major brand over my long career: "What is the best mattress?"
That question is almost impossible to answer, as it can be a different mattress for different body types and issues. Mattress are made from many different types of materials and every one of those materials performs and acts differently individually and even more so when combined with other materials.
So, if it is a question that is generally unanswerable, how can someone find the best mattress? Here are some factors to take into consideration when finding the right mattress for YOU:
  • Does it address your physical needs
  • Does it regulate body temperature - Does it sleep cool
  • Does it support your proper posture
  • Is it durable
  • Is it comfortable 
  • Is it in your price range
The right mattress for someone with scoliosis may not be the right mattress for someone 250lbs or someone who sleeps with a partner, etc. There are just too many very important factors to definitively say this model or brand or type over another. 
What I will say is that the best way to discern the best mattress for you is to do your homework online, educate yourself about the different types of mattresses and then make a list of stores with good reputations and head out and lay on them. Bring your pillow or ensure you use a pillow similar to what you sleep on. Make sure you try out the mattress in the position you normally sleep, or if you have an injury or trouble area, make sure you lay on that part of your body to see how your body reacts to the new surface. And give your body a chance to acclimate to the new surface by laying on it for 10-15 minutes.
Now, if you are looking for an endorsement as to what I recommend, of course I personally am a big fan of sleeping on foam, as it does not put added pressure from a coil, thus allowing for better blood flow and less pressure. I personally wouldn't sleep on anything that does not have valid third party testing to validate the claims being made about off-gassing or fire barrier materials, and I would ensure the price by doing a search on the internet. And of course, you can look at the inventory of the Nest Bedding store because I purchased every single one of those beds with my own money to put in the store, so yes, I think enough of these beds that I purchased them.