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I Can Feel My Partner Tossing and Turning!

In a recent article posted here on the Sleep Doctor blog, we discussed whether or not tossing and turning was a normal part of sleeping. Today we are going to talk about the unsuspecting victims of the tossing and turning, the other partner.
In review, tossing and turning in your bed is a sign of discomfort, from either an improperly supportive mattress or a mattress that is uncomfortable due to it being too firm or too soft. The tossing and turning is the body's way to find some relief. And if your partner is someone who is a tosser and turner, you are intimately acquainted with just how serious this issue can be to your well-being. You just want sleep!
Some couples go to extremes to rectify the lack of sleep they get from a partner who tosses and turns. I have met couples that sleep in separate beds, separate rooms - it can ruin a relationship. But there is are a couple of ways to minimize the movement in your bed without having to go to such extremes to get a proper night's sleep.
  • Ditch the old spring mattress - A old style, coil-tied mattress will transfer every little bit of movement between you and your partner. How do you know if you have a coil-tied mattress? Lay on one side and have your partner stand alongside the bed and just push up and down a few times rapidly on the mattress. If you can feel every bit of their actions, the mattress is a big part of your issue. Consider switching out to a pocketed coil mattress or all foam mattress, which will minimize motion transfer.
  • Consider two twin xl mattresses side by side - Two twin xl mattresses together equal a king size mattress. If you put the two of them side by side, you can still maintain a normal looking bed and enjoy your own sleeping surface. While you can put the 2 twin xl's on a king box spring, as most king box springs are separate, you can also put them on a king platform bed, which will keep the two of your cozy.
  • Examine your base as well - If you have a one piece box spring, it is possible that your base is part of the issue as well. Take your mattress off its base and do the same vibration test. Some older box springs are made with coils and can transfer motion as well.
  • Lastly, look at your frame. Wooden bed frames can, over time, loosen up at the joints, leading to motion in the bed.
Of course, solving the tossing and turning issue of your partner is always the first and best solution so you can both get the proper rest you need. The mattresses at Nest Bedding are all designed to help you get rest in a pressure-free and motion-free sleep environment.