Do You Bunch Your Pillow Up To Get Comfortable?

You get into bed, snuggle under the covers and get comfy and ready to fall asleep. The last thing you do is knead and fluff your pillow up to get it just right, the right amount of loft in the right places to support your neck. AH! Comfy and cozy, you fall asleep. All set, right?


The 30 seconds you took to get your pillow in the "just right" position was a conscious decision. However, during the night, while asleep, you are unconscious and incapable of fixing your pillow to be comfortable and supportive every time you move, leaving your neck and spine out of alignment. This can cause pain and discomfort throughout the night, robbing you of precious sleep.

The simple solution? A fixed shape and supportive pillow, like the kind we sell at Nest Bedding. If you are sleeping on a feather pillow or some time of fiber you have to fluff, it may be causing you issues you might associate with the mattress or personal health issues. Improperly supportive pillows can lead to or worsen snoring, neck cramps, pinched nerves, pain throughout the back and headaches. 

Now, this doesn't mean you have to sleep on one of those hard or unyielding foam or latex pillows. There are several pillows on the market and in the Nest Bedding store which will hold their shape and loft while not putting too much pressure on your face and neck. A common complaint from customers when discussing their pillow situation is that the pillows they have tried are simply too firm. I am happy to say your can have your soft pillow and support too!