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What is Better: Foam or Coil?

I was asked a simple question yesterday while working in the store: Which is better for me, a coil mattress or an all foam mattress?

At Nest Bedding, both in the San Francisco and Albany stores, we carry both, all foam and foam and coil mattresses. It is not an easy question to answer because of the simple word "me", as in, "What is the best for me."

Helping someone choose a new mattress is not a difficult process, but it is an important process and requires a level of expertise you can't teach in a few weeks. A couple of the local mattress chains are constantly hiring new people, which tells me they are constantly losing people as well. This means you have new people on their sales floors and your odds of getting someone who just started in the business is pretty high. And while its not rocket science, someone with experience helping lots of people can make a big difference in the mattress you purchase.

I have,on occasion, talked a customer out of buying a model and buying a different mattress model. Simply, I knew it would not be the best for them. Just last week I had a customer tell me, "I should have listened to you and got that other mattress." Hey, it happens, and we have a rather liberal return policy. Basically, I lose the money and the mattress. However, if we keep that to a minimum, we will be ok. It is part of doing business. 

So, what is the better mattress? While we offer both, my opinion is that an all foam mattress is better, simply because there is less pressure on your body. However, not everyone likes the feel of all foam, so if you are not comfortable on a mattress, then it is not a good mattress for you. Comfort assures you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Thanks for reading!