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How To Choose The Right Pillow

Categories: neck pain pillows
One of the first things that comes into your mind when you wake up with back pain is, "I need a new mattress." However, rarely does anyone equate it to their pillow. In fact, more often than not, people will come into the store and spend a sizable amount of money on a new mattress and then just keep the same sentimental favorite pillow they have had for years. Well-worn and worked in, it's familiar. 

Pillows can be a factor in your back issues as well as a bad or ageing mattress. When the neck and upper spine are out of alignment, these strained muscles and pinched nerves can lead to middle and lower back issues. Often overlooked, an improper or worn out pillow can lead to major issues.

How do you know how to choose the right pillow, and how do you know if your pillow has exceeded it's expiration date?

No two people are exactly alike, and that means choosing a pillow demands more time and thought than just picking one off the shelf at your local national chain store. Squeezing it with your hands is also not the preferred method of selecting a pillow.You need to lay down and try the pillow in the position or positions you usually sleep.

The first factor you want to consider when choosing a pillow is the build of your body. It should be obvious that someone who is lithe in build is not going to need a larger pillow, while someone with a very large build will require more loft in their pillow. I have seen women in the store, no bigger than 5'3" and weighing no more than 125, tell me that they like a large pillow. Perhaps that is just what they have become accustom to , however, it is not a wise choice.

A pillow should allow your spine to align and relax, just like a proper mattress. When you are laying on your back, your nose should be pointed straight up. On your side, have your sales professional or your partner tell you is your head is perfecting straight with your body. Too often people buy pillows that push their heads up or don't have enough loft, and both can cause neck issues.

Nest Bedding prides itself on a very wide variety of pillow types and sizes. Our most popular pillows are the Easy Breather Pillows by Nest Bedding, and the Gel Foam contour pillows. Kapok pillows are also popular, and we make them for stomach sleepers as well.

Which brings us to our last type of sleeper, the stomach sleeper. This type of sleeper should be sleeping on a very flat pillow, otherwise too much loft will push their head up and kink the neck, leading to all kinds of neck and back pain.

Come on into Nest Bedding or check us out online. Our staff is well-trained and can assist you over the phone as well.