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Best Pillow For Snoring

Categories: proper pillow snoring
With all the contraptions and gadgets out in the marketplace that claim to cure snoring, it can be overwhelming. There are many possible causes for snoring and while it is best to consult a physician, you can try a few simple home remedies to try to get your snoring or your partner's snoring under control.
Snoring can be an elusive issue, hard to solve, but one simple trick you can try is changing your pillows. 
A bad or worn pillow can be the cause or exacerbate an existing snoring issue. This happens because the badly designed, incorrect size or worn out pillow can allow the neck to be out of proper alignment, affecting your posture and constrict your air passages and breathing. How do you know if your pillow is not properly supportive?
When you fall asleep, do you have to knead and manipulate your pillow to get it comfortable? That is all well and good to fall asleep in that one position, but the problem is that the moment you move in your sleep, which most people do an average of 20-30 times a night, your neck is out of alignment. This is a common occurrence with down and feather pillows, which are soft but do a poor job of providing consistent support throughout the night.
Here is a little test:
  1. Lay on your pillow, on your back. Are you looking straight up, with your nose pointed at the ceiling or is your head pushed forward?
  2. Lay on your side. Have someone look at you or place a mirror alongside the bed. Is your head perfectly aligned with the rest of your body, or is your head tilted up or down?
  3. Is your mattress "hammocking", or have a body impression? Is it so soft that your mid-section is sinking lower than the rest of your body?
These issues can lead to improper posture and lead to snoring or make your snoring worse. Your pillow should allow your head to fall back and allow your nose and face to be pointed straight up. And when you move in your sleep, your pillow should hold its shape and keep your posture perfectly aligned.
We have a great selection of affordable, non-toxic and organic pillows, all USA made, on our website at Nest Bedding or in our stores, which will provide proper support. Don't feel bad about experimenting with new pillows as this is a small price to pay for a potentially invaluable improvement in lifestyle!