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Why Don't My Sheets Fit Properly?

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Ah, nothing like the excitement of a new mattress! The prospect of finally getting a good night's sleep, but one small problem: your old mattress was about 20 years old and thin, while your new mattress is super thick and your sheets won't fit.

In fact, a common complaint we hear at Nest Bedding is that sheets are either too tight and won't stretch and stay on the mattress, or they are too baggy and end up clumped up in a mess on the bed every morning.

While our Organic Sheets available here in our online store or on the shelf at our stores in the Bay Area are designed to fit a deep pocket mattress, it means that if you don't have a deep mattress the sheets will be too baggy, and if you have a super thick mattress, they won't fit either. So, we set out to find a good solution to this issue, and found it in DreamFit sheets.

These sheets are not organic, but our selection of DreamFit sheets are made in the USA, a big plus as we carry no Made in China labels in our stores. We offer a bamboo and cotton blend and two levels of cotton sheets, all with the patented self-adjusting fitted sheet, guaranteed to fit on whatever mattress you have. They also come with an extra large top sheet to give you plenty of sheet to tuck in.

Nest Bedding carries these sheets in store so you can feel the texture. We are proud to bring to our customers another Made in America sheet set, hard to find these days.

So, if you have a super thick pillow top natural mattress or low profile memory foam mattress, consider the DreamFit self-adjusting sheets, available at Nest Bedding.