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Are You Chemically Sensitive And Looking For A New Mattress?

If you are suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, you know how important it is to find bedding and furnishings which do not exacerbate your symptoms. The average mattress is made from polyurethane foams, polyurethane fabrics and harmful chemical fire barrier materials. All of this can add up to disaster if you are suffering from MCS. 

Fortunately, there are many companies, such as Nest Bedding, which carry local, organic and natural bedding and mattresses made without chemicals. 

Wait, they make bedding and mattresses with chemicals you say?

Most people are completely unaware that your typical product off the shelf contains chemicals. Take for instance a product as unassuming as a sheet set. Do a search of "Martha Stewart Sheets Smell Like Gasoline" and look at the consumer complaints. Why would they smell like gas? 

Most of our food, many of our textiles, and many of the consumer products we use today have been treated with pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, deodorizers, etc. We have so identified a new product with a certain look and smell that we get uncomfortable when it doesn't smell perfect and look perfect. 

For example, we sell an organic wool comforter in our store made with Merino wool. Merino sheep are covered in very bushy wool, and thus they have a very strong "sheep" scent. The wool is minimally processed in order to comply with organic regulations, leaving a comforter that has a bit of a sheep scent when you first use it. We had a customer return a brand new comforter the other day because of the scent of sheep. Hey, you got that "new sheep" smell! 

Seriously though, if you suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, you want to ask plenty of questions about the sources of the materials, the exact chemical makeup, if it was treated with pesticides, fungicides, deodorizers, fertilizers, etc. You would be shocked at how many different chemicals can be in your new memory foam mattress, and shockingly, even some brands of purportedly "natural" or "organic" mattresses! 

Questions to ask would be:

  • Do you have certifications, up to date, for the claims you make about your products?
  • Do you personally know the source of the products?
  • Have you had customers with issuers reacting to your product?
  • What is your return policy if it doesn't agree with me?
At Nest Bedding, we take chemically sensitive issues quite seriously, complete with no-voc construction materials in our stores and no synthetic deodorants for our staff. You can count on Nest Bedding to provide you with great, non-toxic products!