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Is An Adjustable Bed For Me?

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Walk into any of the mattress stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and it doesn't matter if they sell organic, natural mattresses or memory foam mattresses, or even coil mattresses, chances are they are selling adjustable beds. Formerly, adjustable beds were for people who had issues getting in and out of bed or for people suffering from medical issues. While adjustable beds are in fact good in these situations,
adjustable beds are becoming more and more commonplace for those customers who use their bedroom for purposes other than sleeping.

For example, if you read in bed, work on your laptop in bed (like I am doing right now), watch movies in bed or TV, an adjustable bed may be a great way for you to do those activities and not hurt your neck and back. If you currently do not have an adjustable bed and you do any of these activities in your bed, you know what I am talking about. Propping up pillows to sit up in bed can lead to a sore neck and/or sore shoulders. An adjustable bed can raise your body up to allow you to comfortably sit up in bed.

Some customers ask if they can use their existing mattress on their new adjustable bed. A recent customer purchased one at the direction of their doctor who recommended it to help with their gastric issues. It depends on the type of mattress you have. A traditional coil mattress will not endure the bending associated with an adjustable bed. A foam mattress should be able to bend with no issues. However, you should consult with the mattress retailer you purchased from to see if placing your mattress on an adjustable bed will void your warranty.

The coil mattresses at Nest Bedding can be custom-made to allow for an adjustable bed base. And the Bed In A Box foam mattresses are ready to use on any adjustable bed.

If you are suffering from snoring, raising your adjustable bed 7 degrees can help alleviate snoring. If you are suffering from acid reflux, you  would benefit from the raised upper body. Some people can benefit from the feature that allows the adjustable bed to raise the feet. Many of the adjustable bases, including the ones at Nest Bedding in Berkeley and San Francisco, have a massage feature which can help stimulate blood flow. An adjustable bed can help you get in and out of bed and can be a great convenience if you are bed ridden.

Many customers, young and old, are considering adjustable beds. The adjustable beds we carry at Nest Bedding are made in the USA and can be shipped anywhere in the country and set up. We have adjustable beds set up in the store so you can try them.