Our Build-A-Nest Project Becomes A Reality

Many of you have come to find the Nest Bedding website and become customers by finding this video on YouTube. with tens of thousands of views. This shows that there are many, many people out there interested in taking their health in their own hands and building non-toxic, chemical free mattresses.

Up until recently, we have had to advertise our components not as a mattress kit, but as components only. This is because without a valid burn test, we would be effectively telling people how to make an unsafe product, in the eyes of the Federal Regulators. That is until now.

I am pleased to report our kits are in the midst of burn testing and have passed. This means that without the use of harmful chemicals, our mattress making kits will soon be available to the public as just that, a mattress making kit. 

Why would you want to make your own mattress? There are many reasons, but the most popular one I hear is that people want to know what they are sleeping on and sleeping with. By purchasing the components to make their own mattress, people can have that control and knowledge they seek.

In the next month of so, we will be rolling out new kits, designed by the owner of Nest Bedding, and customizable by you, so you can get the rest you need in a chemical-free environment. Nest Bedding is always pushing the envelope and finding ways to help you sleep better and happier, in a less toxic environment.