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Why Are My Blankets Off When I Wake Up?

Why Are My Blankets Off When I Wake Up?

If you are waking up with your sheets and/or blankets on the floor, it means you are tossing and turning in your sleep.

Of course, it could also mean someone is sneaking into your room and playing a prank on you, but not as likely as the probability that you are kicking them off in your sleep.

There are a couple of reasons for this. 

  1. You could be sleeping hot and your body is kicking the blankets and sheets off to cool you down
  2. Your mattress is uncomfortable and you are moving around in your sleep
Some people are hot sleepers and need to sleep with little to no bedding. A simple top flat sheet or a thin cotton blanket would help. If you are sleeping with polyester sheets, a down comforter, multiple layers of blankets or some models of memory foam mattresses, it is likely your sleep environment exacerbating your discomfort. You can experiment by removing some of the layers of your bedding to see if that makes a difference. If you are moving around in your sleep, you are not getting appropriate deep sleep for your body to rejuvenate.
If removing the layers doesn't help, it is possible that your mattress is not breathable enough for your body type. Some people sleep hotter than others and require a mattress that is more breathable, such as the organic natural mattresses at Nest Bedding.
If you are waking up with the covers in knots or on the ground, you are not getting the rest you need. Try these solutions or contact us at Nest Bedding for a free consultation.