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Summer Time Is Coming, Is Your Bedroom Ready?

Categories: sleeping hot
Summertime is fast approaching, and depending on where you live in the country, you are going to be sleeping through some hot and potentially humid nights again. Sleeping in a hot and sweaty bed can prevent you from getting proper rest as discomfort is one of the factors leading to a lack of proper sleep. 

The best way to combat the hot, sweaty summer nights is to surround your sleeping body with cool, comfortable and breathable bedding. Nest Bedding has a great selection of breathable, natural and organic bedding at affordable prices. Let's look at some of these products:

  • Breathable, silky and cool sheets - Many of the sheets you find at Bed Bath and Beyond or Target are made with plastics, or microfiber. While soft to the touch, they don't absorb moisture and can make you sweaty. We offer organic, natural USA made organic cotton sheets. Cotton absorbs moisture and that translates to a cool sleep environment.
  • Comfy, cozy Comforters - Many people are sleeping with down and feather comforters or polyester filled comforters. Both of those materials feel cozy but trap heat and do not breath well. A light and comfy wool comforter, found in our stores and online at, can help your body breath and remain cool, regulating your body temperature and letting you stay in a deep sleep despite the warm nights.
  • Light and airy USA made cotton blankets - On those hot summer nights, a light cotton blanket is sometimes all you need to keep you feeling cozy and comfortable. These are made with USA grown cotton and milled here in the USA. Affordable and durable, these are a great value and quite cozy as well.
  • A more breathable mattress - Mattresses made with polyester fills and fabrics can make you sleep hot, preventing your body from getting proper air flow and doing a poor job of dissipating the heat and moisture your body generates. A new organic, natural wool and latex mattress in the Nest Organics lineup and the breathable memory foam mattresses from Bed In A Box can give you the support you require and the breathability you desire.
Nest Bedding is not like most mattress and bedding stores. We are very experienced and have the best selection of reasonably priced USA made bedding and mattress. Check us out. We are pretty cool!