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Nest Bedding 2016 Goals and Product News

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Nest Bedding 2016 Goals and Product News

Hello everyone! It's been an amazing year here in the Nest, and I wanted to recap and talk about all the amazing things we have in store. 

Of course we are counting down to the new Star Wars movie in just a few days, but we are also excited to have our new 2016 Product Launch also announcing in a matter or days. 

The biggest news is our newest member of the Alexander Signature Series, The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress. This mattress has the potential to take over as our top seller. In fact, we are delivering one out to Steph and Ayesha Curry next week! This will be our first bed with an amazing new foam, a Copper Infused Foam. This foam has copper infused in it. What does that do? Copper is conductive, meaning it will actually draw heat into the material, helping move heat away from the surface of the bed. Couple that with our Signature Series convoluted foam and introducing our Edge Support Pocketed Coils underneath, and you have one of the most supportive and cool sleeping beds on the market. Combining memory foam and pocketed coils gives you maximum air flow, incredible edge support and lower back support like no other bed you have tried. And we will introducing The Alexander Hybrid at a price point that will make the mattress industry shake in their boots.

We will also be introducing our new models of The Honest Beds. The Honest Beds launched this year with our pocketed coil and foam version and pocketed coil and latex version. Both beds have been very well received and rated very highly by the mattress review community. The Honest Bed Cool Sleeper Collection will feature both plush and firm versions, with the usual honest ingredients: certified foams, no toxic smells, wool fire barrier and convoluted layers for air flow. Proudly made in the USA and compress packed to your doorstep.

Big things planned for 2016, but most of all, we want to thank you, our amazing customers and business partners. Without you, our success would not be happening. Our little family owned business has more than quadrupled in business this year and we hope to keep the trend going. 

For our physical stores, we are opening a new LA store in February, located on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, and have plans to start offering franchises soon as well.

Hope to see you all in the Nest this new year!