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  • The Perfect Pillow Positions for Reading in Bed

    Reading in bed is one of the great joys in life. There's something magical about a lazy Sunday morning or a late night sprawled out in bed, absorbed in a good book, game, or movie. So, what’s the key to a long lounging-in-bed session? It's as simple as having the perfect pillows and knowing how to position them.
  • Tips for Finding the Best Pillow for All Positions

    Back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers...Oh, my! With so many different sleeping positions, it only makes sense to find a pillow to match. Your body needs the right amount of support, all night long. For a blissful night of sleep (and zero neck pain!), here's how to find the best pillow for all positions.
  • Nest Bedding 2016 Goals and Product News

    It's been an AMAZING year at Nest Bedding! We have seen double digit growth, accolades from major press outlets and even were featured on The Wendy Williams Show. But wait until you see all the amazing things we have coming for 2016: New Products, New Stores and More Fun!
  • Men's Journal Best All-Around Pillow Is The Easy Breather Pillow

    The October edition of Men's Journal Magazine recommends our Easy Breather Pillow as their choice for Best All Around Pillow!

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