Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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Comparing Mattresses: Some Helpful Tips

Walking into one of the main mattress chain stores can be a daunting task. So  many mattresses and so many brands, it can make your head spin. Which one is the best for you? Is it the most expensive? Is it the firmest? Why are there so many brands and is brand important?

Yes, there are a lot of choices these days, and whether you are searching for an organic mattress, latex mattress, natural mattress, memory foam mattress or conventional coil mattress, there are a few simple rules to stick with when shopping for that new mattress

  • Brand ain't what it used to be: Everyone is familiar with the name brand mattresses, yet do a search online of reviews of the name brand mattresses and you will be shocked to find story after story of premature wear, valleys, dips, etc. Instead of shopping by recognized brands, shop by independent reviews. Don't make the same mistakes others already have. Profit from their stories. You will find many smaller brands with stellar reputations. 
  • Narrow it down by mattress type: If you are looking for chemical-free, stick to latex and natural. If you like memory foam, pick 3-4 types.
  • Price matters: There is a great disparity in mattress pricing. 599 to 30k. Don't entertain the higher priced mattresses. Many times they are not made with any different quality and type of materials as those 10 times less the price, they just know that the typical consumer equates cost with quality. Not the case with all mattresses. You can get a high quality, supportive and long lasting mattress between 999 and 2k.
  • Does it solve your issues? Don't get sucked in by sales, hype and marketing. If you have specific sleep issues, search for the mattress that solves those issues. And let yourself find something comfortable. Harder is not better in all cases.

At Nest Bedding, we are committed to carrying a great selection of high quality, USA made and affordable mattresses which can solve your sleep issues. Nest Bedding is ready to help you break out of the old name brand mattress rut and show you how you can get good rest at a good price.