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9 Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

9 Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

Every year, Father's Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June. This is a special day to show your dad how much you love him and to spoil him rotten.

But as the years go by, it may become more and more difficult to think of nice Father's Day presents to get him. But not to worry, as we're here to help you out.

Here are 9 awesome Father's Day gift ideas for this year.

1. Cooling Pint Glasses

Chances are, your dad loves to drink beer. But when it gets hot in the summer, it can be a real dilemma when it comes to drinking beer at a good pace without it getting warm.

You can eliminate this problem by getting him some cooling pint glasses. These can be put into the freezer a few hours before drinking time. Then, all he has to do is pull them out and pour his IPA in to have hours of a cold drink!

2. Whiskey Decanter Set

Maybe your dad is more of a whiskey guy. Or maybe he's a man of many tastes. In any case, he'll definitely need a decanter set.

A decanter set comes with the decanter itself, as well as some glasses and some rocks for chilling. Depending on where you get the set from, you can even have the decanter and glasses engraved with your dad's initials.

3. Beard Bib

You may have seen videos of this product passed around on the internet, which may have garnered some giggles from you. After all, it's pretty funny to watch a guy attach a long bib to the mirror and proceed to shave.

However, you have to admit, the idea is quite genius. If you gift your dad one of these, he'll have a much easier time whenever he trims or shaves his beard.

And if he's like many other fathers, that'll be something he does quite regularly. So he'll surely appreciate shaving some time off that tedious chore.

4. Ancestry Kit

Even if you're very sure of your family ancestry, you never know what surprises are in your blood. Give your dad the gift of knowledge with an ancestry kit this Father's Day.

All he has to do is swab the inside of his cheek, send the sample in, and he'll get a bunch of information about your family's lineage. This information could be useful to you too.

If your dad is adopted, then this Father's Day gift can be even cooler, as he'll be able to find out his ancestry if he didn't really have a clue about it before. With some services, he might even be able to reach out to previously unknown family members who have also done DNA testing!

5. Fitbit

Whether your dad's a couch potato or a marathon runner, he could surely use some motivation, no matter what his fitness goals are. Even the most disciplined person loses steam every once in a while, so a Fitbit can be a great way to keep morale up.

Not only does it remind the wearer to do things like drink water and get up to walk around, but it'll also keep daily records. Your dad will be able to track all his fitness progress, which can be highly motivating.

6. BBQ Set

It's summertime, which means it's the perfect time to get out the grill. What better way to kickstart it all by gifting your dad a BBQ set?

Within it, it'll have everything he needs. For example, these sets come with grill utensils, BBQ sauce, rubs, aprons, and even some snacks for the griller should he get hungry while he serves up mouthwatering meat for everyone else.

7. Easy Breather Pillow

Does your dad complain about not sleeping well at night? Then he'll definitely love this present this Father's Day.

The Easy Breather pillow is filled with CertiPUR-US® certified foam, which means it's won't have an unattractive scent. On the outside, there's a Tencel® blended cover, which makes it feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.

This pillow is also adjustable, which means your dad will be able to sleep like a baby when he gets this gift.

8. Luxury Sheet Set

While you're at it, why not get your dad a whole new luxury sheet set for his bed? The set from Nest Bedding is made of bamboo turned into rayon fabric. The result is lightweight, cool, and soft sheets that'll make sleeping a breeze.

If your dad usually struggles with sleep because he runs hot and gets all sweaty, then this is definitely something he needs. The material has moisture-wicking properties and can help significantly with temperature control.

9. Dad Jokes Book

You know how they go. Dad jokes are so bad, but they're also so good they make everyone laugh.

Maybe your dad is the king of dad jokes, but let's face it, he's not going to know every single one in the world. Why not give him a book of dad jokes so he can add to his repertoire?

While he may not be the original creator of the jokes he tells, no one has to know but you.

Use These Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

With so many excellent Father's Day gift ideas, you're sure to pick something that your dad will love.

No matter what you gift him, make sure you let him know just how much you appreciate his love and all the sacrifices he's made for you while he raised you. Your appreciation will mean the world to him!

Want to treat your dad to even more best Father's Day gifts this year? Then check out our selection of furniture now.