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How to Build a Pillow Fort: The Ultimate Guide

How to Build a Pillow Fort: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to build a pillow fort with your kids?

Before you do, you need to read this article! We've put together the ultimate guide on how to build a pillow fort.

Let's get started!

Know Where to Build it

Depending on what time of year it is, it may be better to build a pillow fort in different areas of the house. Know where to build it whether its a cold snowy day or a blazing hot summer. 

If it's in the middle of winter, it would be a good idea to build your fort in a cozy area. Try building it near a heater or fire (just make sure not to get to close). You don't want to build your fort near windows or doorways, where you might feel a draft... brrr.

During the middle of the summer, it's best to build your fort near an AC unit, fan, or open window. The best place to build your fort would be in the basement where it's nice and cool. 

The last thing to keep in mind is furniture. You may want to utilize furniture in your house for your fort, so building near a couch or chairs is always a good idea. 

Tip: It's also fun to build a pillow fort outside.

Decide on What Type of Fort 

Now you want to decide on the type of pillow fort you want to build.

There are 2 basic types of forts:

  1. Tunnel Fort: This is typically built around a couch along with a few chairs to create a large castle-like fort. (We recommend this one, its a classic!)
  2. Compound Fort: This is a bit more complex, as you need a bunch of chairs and other furniture to build different connected rooms

The basic building concept is the same for both, but the compound fort requires a bit more furniture and work. 

Check out #pillowfort on Instagram for inspiration and ideas. You can also look at pillow forts on Pinterest as well.   

Tip: Steal ideas from multiple pictures to create the most epic pillow fort ever. 

Gather Your Materials and Supplies

Once you have the perfect spot picked it out, it's time to start gathering everything you're going to need for your fort:

  • Comfy pillows
  • Comforters and blankets
  • Couch cushions
  • A Chair or two
  • Games and toys
  • Christmas lights
  • Colorings and paper

That's it! Thankfully you don't need much for an awesome pillow fort. 

Tip: Snacks count as supplies, too.

Building Your Base

Now that we have our supplies and know the perfect spot, it's time to build the base of the fort. You want to create a large circle if possible. Try to utilize a couch or chairs to form the circle.

Once you have your basic shape, start building up the walls. Try using seat cushions to fill in around the circle. For any spots left, you can use smaller pillows and sheets to fill in. 

Don't forget to leave a few pillows and blanks for the floor—you want it to be super comfy in there. 

Tip: Make sure to leave an entrance at the front... and maybe a secret entrance in the back.

Build Your Roof

Now you need to cover the top with a roof.

The best way to do this is by utilizing a sheet first to cover the top. Once you have a sheet ran across, you can lay a comforter on top of the sheet for a more cozy and darker fort. 

You may have to use heavier objects as a weight to hold sheets or blankets in place. A stack of heavy books is great for this. 

Tip: This part is easier when you have at least two people building the fort. 

Deck Your Fort Out

Now you have an awesome pillow fort, but we're not done yet! If you want it to be the best pillow fort ever, you're going to want to add a few more touches.

Remember those Christmas lights when we gathered your supplies? String them inside along the walls on the floor and plug them in to make your fort feel nice and cozy.

Now the last thing to add to your ultimate pillow fort is to come up with a name for it—every fort or castle needs a name. Once you have a name, grab you're colorings and paper and create a sign for your fort. Put it in front of the door or grab some tap and hang it above. 

Tip: If you don't have access to Christmas lights, a couple of flashlights and battery lanterns are great, too. 

Enjoy Your Fort

You've done it!

Congratulations on completing the ultimate pillow fort. Now all you have to do is enjoy it. Invite your friends in, play some games, read a couple of books, and eat snacks.

Having a movie night is a great way to enjoy your day and also your amazing fort!

Tip: Use a password to gain access to your fort. Come up with something creative and only let people in that know the password. 

Now You Know How to Build a Pillow Fort Like a Pro

Decide on where the best place to build your fort would be, know what type of pillow fort you want to build, gather your supplies, build the base, raise your roof, and deck your new pillow fort out with lights and games! 

Now that you know how to build a pillow fort, the limit is your imagination, start creating the best memories with your kids!

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