Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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The basics of a mattress are pretty universal: A support layer of material with a comfort layer wrapped in fabric to keep it together. But there are a myriad of materials, construction techniques and designs that set some mattresses apart from others. 

Take for example most of the major brand mattresses: A typical coil unit with layers of materials that are not durable enough to last more than 5-7 years. Basically, planned obsolescence. It's the mattress industries way of getting you back in the market consistently and at a more frequent rate.

When a mattress is built using lower quality materials or employs mass manufacturing techniques, it can not only affect the long term quality of the mattress but also affect your quality of sleep. This is why we here at Nest Bedding put a lot of time, thought and effort into making a mattress with high quality materials, proper supportive designs and a mattress that will outlast most major brands.

First of all, we take into consideration mattress design. There are more than a few natural mattress stores out there that make a mattress that is flat, meaning they use flat pieces of latex to create a mattress. This forces your body to contour to the flat surface as opposed to allowing your body's curvature to be consistently supported. That is why we use zoned latex in our solid latex mattresses and zoned coils in our latex and coil natural organic mattresses. A zoned latex has softer areas in the general hip and shoulder area to allow those areas to have less pressure, providing a support that matches your body.

Another area of superior mattress design we employ is socking our latex. Some natural mattress stores simply buy covers and zip up the bare latex in their mattresses. Nest Bedding takes the extra time and effort to protect the bare, fragile latex in an organic cotton sock. Latex is very susceptible to tearing and flaking due to movement, friction and handling. One of our local competitors places the latex, unsocked, right atop their metal coil base. This is not a great design for long term usage, as the coils will rub against the latex and eat away at it over time.

Handles! Nest Bedding is one of the few mattress stores that still puts handles on our latex organic mattresses. This allows for ease of moving the mattress and making the mattress. 

Nest Bedding employs a zipper in construction for the customer to be able to extend the life of the mattress by replacing the inner components over time as they wear.

Using USA made, certified high quality materials and USA workmanship, Nest Bedding provides some of the highest quality and affordable natural organic mattresses. Compare and save!