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Class Action Lawsuit Being Sought Against Essentia Mattress

Recently, the FTC found that Essentia Mattress had made false claims that their mattress was VOC-free. That means that every single customer who ever purchased an Essentia Mattress under the impression that it was free of VOC's was duped. 

Chimicles and Tikellis LLP is filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers everywhere who purchased an Essentia Mattress believing it to be safe. Below is the announcement seeking customers who purchased an Essentia Mattress.

Mattress VOC-Free False Advertising

Phase: Investigation

Chimicles & Tikellis LLP is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers that purchased mattresses sold by Essentia Natural Memory Foam Company that were marketed as being free of volatile organic chemicals (“VOCs”) and formaldehyde. Essentia recently settled allegations made by the Federal Trade Commission that testing of its mattresses failed to substantiate these claims.

If you have purchased an Essentia mattress that was marketed as being VOC free and/or containing no formaldehyde, please contact Chimicles and Tikellis LLP.