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A Perfect Night's Sleep: Fall in Love with Nest Easy Breather Pillow

A Perfect Night's Sleep: Fall in Love with Nest Easy Breather Pillow

When is the last time you replaced the pillow that you sleep on every night? If it's been more than a year or two now, the National Sleep Foundation would recommend that you invest in a new one.

Over time, a pillow can absorb everything from body oil to dead skin cells. It can also create the perfect home for dust mites. And it can even start to lose its shape and leave your back and neck feeling stiff every morning when you wake up.

You can avoid these issues by purchasing a new Nest Easy Breather Pillow for yourself right now. It's hands down one of the best pillows on the market today and will make you wonder why you didn't choose to replace your current pillow sooner.

Want to find out what sets the Easy Breather Pillow apart from all the other pillows out there? Learn more about the many features that you'll get when you buy an Easy Breather Pillow below.

It Has a Soft and Breathable Cover on It

The very first thing that you're going to notice when you pick up the Nest Easy Breather Pillow for the first time is the luxurious cover that's on the outside of it. This eco-friendly Tencel® blended cover is pretty much as soft and breathable as it gets when it comes to pillows.

You'll immediately fall in love with the way that the Easy Breather Pillow feels when you put your head down on it every night. It'll cushion your head and neck and keep you cool all night long thanks to its breathability.

We would recommend covering the pillow up with a pillow protector from the second that you start using it. But even then, you'll still get to appreciate the softness that the Easy Breather Pillow has to offer whenever you put it to good use.

It's Filled With Very Supportive Foam

There are plenty of pillows out there in the world that are filled with some kind of foam. But we can promise you that you've never felt a pillow with foam that is as supportive as the foam found in the Easy Breather Pillow.

The Easy Breather Pillow is filled with a combination of CertiPUR-US foams and smooth fibers to provide your head and neck with more support than you could have ever imagined. You won't have to deal with pesky back and neck issues anymore when you're sleeping on the Easy Breather Pillow night in and night out.

It's Designed to Be Adjusted to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Nest Bedding, we realize that not everyone needs the same level of support when they lay their head down on their pillow at night. Some people like a lot of support, while others only like a little. It's why the Easy Breather Pillow is designed to be adjusted so that it can cater to your specific needs every night.

When you first receive the Easy Breather Pillow, it'll be overstuffed with the CertiPUR-US foams and smooth fibers that we just mentioned. You'll then have the opportunity to remove some of the foam from your pillow until you're able to achieve the optimal feel from it.

And if you find that you want to put some of that foam back later on down the line to make your Easy Breather Pillow a little bit fuller? You'll always have the option to do it. People love the fact that they can customize their pillows at any point to fit their needs at the moment.

It Comes in a Wide Range of Different Sizes

When you go to order the Easy Breather Pillow, you'll have the chance to choose from a variety of different sizes. You can get a pillow that's as big or small as you want. You can also get a pillow that's made specifically for your sleeping style if you happen to be a side sleeper.

Here are the size options that you'll have when you purchase an Easy Breather Pillow:

  • Junior: 13" x 16"
  • Standard: 24" x 16"
  • Side sleeper: 28" x 16"
  • Queen: 27" x 16"
  • King: 32" x 16"

You're free to mix and match different size pillows for your bed as you see fit. No matter which ones you order, you'll get to enjoy all the great features mentioned here.

It's Very Affordable Compared to Other Pillows

After hearing about all the features that come along with the Easy Breather Pillow, you might expect to pay a small fortune for it. But in reality, it's actually very affordable, especially when you compare the price of one to the price of other luxury pillows.

A standard Easy Breather Pillow is available for just $99 with larger options going for slightly more than that. That's a great price for a pillow that is going to change the way you sleep every night.

It's Equipped With a Money-Back Guarantee

Nest Bedding is so sure that you're going to love the Easy Breather Pillow when it arrives at your front door that they're willing to extend a 30-day money-back guarantee to you.

Spend 30 nights sleeping on the Easy Breather Pillow, and if you don't love everything about it, Nest Bedding will take the pillow back from you and give you a full refund. You won't have anything to lose when you give the Nest Easy Breather Pillow a try. 

Start Sleeping Better Every Night With a Nest Easy Breather Pillow

Studies have shown that almost 30% of people have a tough time falling asleep on a regular basis. If you fall into this category, your pillow and its lack of support could be a big reason why you're struggling to get to sleep so often.

Change that by ordering a Nest Easy Breather Pillow. It'll make it so much easier for you to fall asleep every night. It'll also leave you feeling more rested and refreshed when you wake up every morning.

Interested in ordering an Easy Breather Pillow or learning more about it? Contact us today for additional information on the best pillow that you'll ever buy.