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Bedding Essentials to Keep You Warm as the Weather Cools Down

Bedding Essentials to Keep You Warm as the Weather Cools Down

Winter is coming. But is cozy coming with it?

There is nothing quite like curling up in a comfy bed when it's cold outside. But to really prepare for the cooler months, you need to make sure you have the right bedding essentials.

But what are these essentials, and how will they keep you warm and toasty as the temperature drops? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Heavy Duvet

You may already have a duvet out year-round. However, most people rely on light duvets for the warmer spring and summer months.

As things cool down, however, you should trade out that light duvet for a heavier model.

Material such as goose down makes a world of difference for a duvet because it adapts to your own body temperature. This lets you stay nice and warm while still allowing you to breathe very comfortably.

Finally, the heavier duvet helps simulate the feeling that you are being comfortably snuggled all through the night. This is the main reason so many people love to break out the weighted blankets during wintertime (more on this later).

Flannel Up

In many ways, the sheets are the most important part of your bed. Changing the sheets can make an immediate difference when you want to stay warm as the temperatures cool down.

There are many schools of thought on this. For example, some people swear by 100% cotton sheets for the winter. However, we think your best bet is to switch everything to flannel sheets instead.

Why flannel sheets? For the same reason that you wear flannel shirts: this material provides the perfect balance of thickness and warmth.

The fluffiness of flannel provides more than just comfort while you rest. It also provides better insulation than cotton and other materials. This creates a comfortable pocket of warmth throughout the night, letting you kick back and enjoy those sweet dreams!

Accessorize the Smart Way

It's very common to accessorize your bed. But if we're being honest, most accessories are made to look good instead of providing warmth or comfort. For example, look no further than the people who pile dozens of pillows on top of their bed!

When it comes to winter, we recommend that you accessorize the smart way. That means adding items that fit your aesthetic while also helping you to keep warm.

For example, adding a fur or wool throw to your bed will instantly make it look more luxurious. On top of the hot look, though, these throws will actually keep you warm when you start to shiver.

Add a Down Blanket

Many "fashionistas" love winter for one simple reason: it allows them to layer their clothing. Instead of just popping on a t-shirt and jeans, they can now uncover the perfect balance of jeans, shirts, hoodies, hats, and coats.

And you can bring some of this "love to layer" energy into your bedroom by adding a down blanket to the bed. It adds a warm "layered" look to the bed, but it also serves as a practical source of heat as well as style.

If you want a bit more versatility, you can swap the down blanket for a coverlet. We love coverlets because they can also serve as light blankets for those times when you don't want to fully sink yourself into your bed.

Wool Mattress Protector

Sometimes, staying warm during the winter requires you to think "outside the box." For example, a wool mattress protector is a surprisingly great way to make your bed that much warmer.

You may only associate mattress protectors with keeping your mattress clean, and they do a great job on that front. But if you opt for wool fiber, the material will provide that protection while also regulating your body temperature.

Not only does this help to keep you warm during the winter, but it can also help you to stay cool during the summer!

The Right Pillows and Shams

Earlier, we talked about how covering your bed with tons of pillows doesn't make it more comfortable during the winter. But when it comes to where you lay your head at night during the cool months, you definitely need to find the right pillow.

For example, it's tough to beat a 100% cotton pillow when it comes to comfort. It's a versatile material for both winter and summer, and it provides a kind of comforting familiarity when you've changed everything else on the bed.

Don't forget to find the perfect shams for your pillow as well. With the right shams, you can make your comfy pillow match the aesthetic of the rest of your bed!

Weighted Blanket

A heavy duvet is a definite "must-have" when it comes to winter bedding essentials. But one accessory you may want to keep out for the entire year is a good weighted blanket.

You can easily make such a blanket part of the layers on your bed to keep you warm. But the biggest benefit of these blankets is that they help you sleep through the night without waking up, even if you suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders.

Such blankets usually only wear between 10-15 pounds. This adds a pleasant sensation of bundling yourself up for the night, especially when it's getting cold outside. And the sensation that you are being hugged through the night will completely transform the quality of your sleep!

Heated Mattress Pad

Some of the ideas on this list are more complex and expensive than others. For example, if you don't mind splurging a bit on your winter comfort, you may want to invest in a heated mattress pad.

Such pads allow you to adjust the temperature to the exact setting you want. And most models offer a feature that automatically deactivates the pad after some time has passed, allowing you to drift off to sleep without worrying about the pad overheating.

Winter Bedding Essentials: What's Next?

Now you know what the best winter bedding essentials are. But do you know where you can find the items you need today?

Here at Nest Bedding, we specialize in all things bedding. To see how we can keep you warmer than ever, check out our latest sales today!