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A Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Bed Properly

A Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Bed Properly

According to a survey that was conducted a few years ago, less than one-third of people make their beds every day. The rest head off to work or school with their beds unmade.

This is a little bit disturbing because the same survey found that about 70% of the people who make their beds every day consider themselves to be happy people. It shows what a big difference that doing something as simple as making your bed could make in your life.

If you're not doing it already, you should learn how to make a bed properly and then commit to making your bed every single morning. By figuring out how to make a bed and doing it, you could turn yourself into a happier person and get your days off to a much stronger start.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make your bed. It should demonstrate just how easy it is to go about making your bed each day.

Step 1: Begin by Clearing Everything Off Your Bed

If you're going to learn how to make a bed the right way, the first thing you're going to want to do is clear everything that is on the bed off of it. Far too often, people attempt to make a bed when it's covered with sheets, blankets, clothes, stuffed animals, and more—and it doesn't usually end up working out very well!

You should begin the process of making a bed by taking everything except maybe your mattress topper and your fitted sheet off of it. This will give you a blank slate to work with and allow you to figure out how to make a bed properly.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Fitted Sheet Is On Your Bed Tight

Once you've cleared off your bed, you'll be ready to make it. And the first thing you'll want to do with regards to making a bed is making sure that the fitted sheet on it is nice and tight.

The elasticated ends of your fitted sheet should wrap around the corners of your mattress and tuck under them. This should make the rest of your fitted sheet tight and prevent it from bunching up in the middle.

It's always good to put a high-quality sheet set on your bed from the start so that it's easy to make. Something like the Nest Bedding® TENCEL™ Lyocell Sheet Set will work wonders for you, as it'll help you sleep better at night and allow you to make your bed every morning with ease.

Step 3: Put Your Top Sheet Over Your Fitted Sheet

After you have your fitted sheet on your bed, the next order of business will be putting your top sheet over it. You should throw your top sheet up in the air and let it fall down over the top of your bed so that it's spread out evenly on it when it lands with the same amount of sheet hanging over each edge of the mattress.

One of the sides of your top sheet should have a large hem on it. This is the part of your top sheet that should be situated up at the top of your mattress when you're making your bed.

When you have your top sheet positioned properly, you can then tuck it underneath your mattress all the way around. You should also think about going as far as making what are called "hospital corners" while tucking it in. It'll make your entire sheet set look nice and neat.

Step 4: Throw Your Comforter On Top of Your Sheets

When you finish tucking in your top sheet and smoothing out any wrinkles in it, it'll be time to move on to your comforter. This is one of the easiest parts when it comes to making a bed.

You should take the same approach to putting your comforter on top of your sheets as you did to putting your top sheet on top of your fitted sheet. Toss it up in the air over your mattress and then let it fall down on top of it. From there, you can then spread it out so that it's sitting evenly across your mattress.

Step 5: Fold Both Your Top Sheet and Your Comforter Down

Some people will stop messing around with their top sheet and comforter at this point. They won't go the extra mile to make their made bed look its best.

But if you're going to make a bed the right way, it's important to fold both your top sheet and your comforter back to give you the perfect place to put your pillows. You should pull your top sheet and comforter towards the bottom of your bed a little to make the top of your bed look neater than it would otherwise.

Step 6: Fluff the Pillows You Sleep On and Put Them Into Place

Once you reach this part of the bed-making process, you'll almost be finished! One of the last things left to do will be to fluff your pillows and put them back into place.

If you happen to have Easy Breather Bedding Pillows, this will be very easy to do. These pillows are adjustable, so you shouldn't run into any issues when fluffing them.

Fluff your pillows up real nice and then put them at the top of your bed. You might want to fix your pillowcases up as well if they slipped off your pillows at all throughout the course of the previous night.

Step 7: Add Any Other Pillows, Blankets, Etc. to Your Bed

Do you like to decorate your bed with other pillows, blankets, etc. during the day when you're not sleeping in it? You can finish making a bed by putting these items back into place.

Just try not to keep too many things on your bed at one time. It might make making your bed more of a hassle than it should be and discourage you from making your bed in the first place every morning.

Learning How to Make a Bed Properly Will Make the Process So Much Simpler

Now that you know how to make a bed properly, you shouldn't have any excuse for not doing it. You can make your bed in a matter of just a few minutes in most cases and then go on about your day.

You'll feel more productive when you make your bed every morning. You'll also enjoy climbing into your bed more at night when you see how nice it looks. It won't be long before you're wondering why you didn't make the decision to make your bed every day sooner.

Would you like to pick up some bedding that will help you get into the habit of making your bed every morning? Nest Bedding has what you're looking for in stock!

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