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The Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Bedroom Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List

The Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Bedroom Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List

What if you could give the perfect gift this holiday season?

Whether they've been naughty or nice, everyone on your shopping list has one thing in common: they'd love to get a better night's sleep. And you can improve their sleep and their relaxation with the perfect bedroom gifts.

Need some bedroom gift ideas ahead of Christmas? Keep reading to discover our holiday gift guide!

1. Scented Candles

Good sleep requires true relaxation. And nothing helps us relax quite as much as our sense of smell!

With scented candles, your friends and family can relax and unwind to mellow scents such as lavender. And this relaxation may just lead to the perfect night's sleep.

2. Books

Reading before bedtime is a time-honored tradition. And it helps us relax in our beds while imagining the lives and adventures of other people.

Know what kinds of books your friends and family love? A few good books may add up to a few weeks of great sleep!

3. Throw Blanket

It's true that throw blankets are comfortable. But beyond comfort, they make for great decorations!

Find a throw blanket that matches your friend's personality. They'll feel happy and think of you whenever they see it.

4. Eye Mask

Eye masks are a perfect way to help those on your list shut out the world around them. But did you know you can make these masks even more relaxing?

Pair the mask with some sleep balm to take things to the next level. They'll never sleep the same way again.

5. Custom Pillowcase

We get it: your friends and family already have pillowcases. There is just one problem: those cases are very boring!

You can delight your shopping list with custom pillowcases that are very witty. A nice laugh right before bed will certainly enhance their sleep!

6. Sleep Leggings

Every now and then, the worlds of fashion and comfort collide. And that's the case with sleep leggings!

These leggings often sport adorable designs like cartoon animals. But they also keep shins warm, which is great for making it through those cold winter nights.

7. Bath Bombs

Baths are naturally relaxing, and they make for an awesome pre-bedtime ritual. And it's very easy to make this ritual even more relaxing by gifting someone some bath bombs.

These bombs turn a bath into a full sensory experience of dazzling colors and relaxing smells. And these unforgettable baths quickly lead to a rejuvenating night's rest.

8. Comfy Nightie

Beyond a comfortable bed, a good night's sleep often requires comfortable clothing. And it doesn't get much more comfortable than a nightie.

While any nightie can help your friends sleep, we recommend nighties featuring cute designs and cheeky humor. This helps the mind to relax just as much as it helps the body!

9. Cozy Headphones

Children often read fairytales involving sleeping potions. Adults quickly discover that the real sleeping potion is good music!

If any of your friends and family like to listen to music at bedtime, get them some cozy headphones. This will help them get to sleep every night to their favorite tunes.

10. Duvet Insert

A duvet insert is our favorite kind of holiday gift guide item. That's because it is both fun and functional!

These inserts help make your bed more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But they also bring out that inner child and encourage you to jump into bed and enjoy a relaxing night!

11. Pet Bed

You might not think a pet bed will help your friends and family get to sleep. But anyone who owns a pet knows this is true!

That's because our furry friends like to sleep next to us at night. This is cute, but every movement and sound they make threatens to wake the owner. By giving the pets a new place to rest, you give the pet owner back their bed.

12. Body Pillow

If you've never tried it, body pillows may look a bit silly. But giving someone a pillow they can cuddle up to is a great way to help them sleep through the night.

For added style, try to coordinate the color of the body pillow with the rest of the room. The best bedroom gifts blend right in with the existing decor.

13. Aromatherapy Spray

Our sense of smell plays a major role in how we relax. And you can give the gift of a relaxing smell quite easily with aromatherapy spray.

These sprays feature relaxing scents (we prefer chamomile) and are fabric-safe. That means your friends and family can spray their pillows down and enjoy these relaxing scents each time they lay their head down.

14. Assorted Hooks

At a glance, hooks may seem like a weird bedroom gift idea. In reality, giving someone hooks is giving them the gift of an organized bedroom!

Assorted hooks can help those on your list hang up their wet towels, their clothes...really, anything that might have ended up cluttered on the floor. And once they have a clean and organized space, your friends and family will be able to finally relax.

15. Sherpa Blanket

You may be thinking to yourself that your friends already have plenty of blankets in their bedroom. So why do they need another one? Simple: because none of those are sherpa blankets.

These blankets work just as well on the bed as they do on a couch or a chair. Those on your "nice" list can wrap this blanket around themselves and feel like they are floating on a relaxing cloud.

The only downside is that you may be tempted to keep this comfy blanket for yourself!

Your Holiday Gift Guide: Naughty or Nice?

Now that you've read our holiday gift guide, there is only one thing left to do: find the perfect presents for everyone on your list!

Here at Nest Bedding, we specialize in helping everyone get the perfect night's sleep. To see what we can do for you and everyone on your list, all you have to do is contact us today!