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Bedroom Essentials: Effective Ways to Organize a Tiny Apartment

Bedroom Essentials: Effective Ways to Organize a Tiny Apartment

Is square footage hard to come by in your tiny apartment?

If so, take heart. You can still live large in a small space!

This especially applies to your bedroom. With the right storage accessories and furniture placement, you can easily create a peaceful, serene spot that feels plenty big. Today, we're sharing the must-have bedroom essentials that can turn your room into a peaceful retreat, even if it isn't exactly palatial. 

Look For Smart Storage Spaces

Yes, a giant bookcase would be a great spot to house all of your novels, magazines and textbooks. Yet, these can take up a ton of room in your already-cramped apartment.

The same applies to your off-season clothes, family keepsakes, and other odds and ends. You don't want to get rid of those items, but if you fill the room with chests, armoires and dressers, you'll barely have enough room to squeeze by to get to the bed.

Enter, double-duty furniture.

In a small space, everything must have a purpose. That makes furniture with built-in storage spaces doubly useful. Some of the best places to start include:

  • Platform beds with storage underneath
  • Footrests and ottomans with pull-up tops and hollow interiors
  • TV stands with cabinet drawers
  • Small storage cabinets instead of bedside tables
  • Headboards with integrated nesting tables

Before investing in any bedroom furniture, consider how the piece will fit in your room, prioritizing ones that are both beautiful and functional. For instance, our Reclaimed Nightstand includes a slender drawer and lower shelf so you can stash some essentials out-of-sight while highlighting and displaying others. 

Other pieces, such as wicker baskets, metal boxes, and even antique trunks add style and flair to your room while also pulling twice their weight in practicality. 

Keep Your Bedding Light and Minimal

Bulky bedding can quickly overwhelm a room. To make yours look as bright and airy as possible, keep it minimalistic and simple. While a clean aesthetic can open up your space, this doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Rather, look for sheet sets, duvets and comforters that are monochromatic and modern but still every bit as cozy and soft as you deserve. For inspiration, check out our Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set. Then, top it with a Luxury Linen Duvet Cover.

With these on your bed, you'll sleep like a charm and wake up feeling refreshed, whether your bedroom is the size of a palace or postage stamp.

Amplify Your Closet Space

Are you using every square inch of your closet? Take the time to reorganize your gear and see if there are any places you could add extra storage. For instance, shoes can fit easily underneath clothing racks and there might be places you can add more shelves or drawers. 

You can also add over-the-door organizers to hold socks, underwear, swimsuits and other small items that you can easily fold. If you've gotten into the habit of shoving everything into your closet, slamming the door, and bracing yourself for an avalanche every time you open it up, it's time for a change. Filling this space haphazardly to the brim usually means you're not making the best use of the room you have available.

To save even more space in your dresser drawers, try following the KonMari Method to roll and store your clothes!

Decorate With Odds and Ends

Not sure what to do with that collection of cowboy hats that keep falling off your top closet shelf? Instead of wrangling with them one more time, hang them in an array on the wall and call it art!

This is a great way to store and organize items you love but don't use as frequently. This way, they aren't taking up valuable storage space in your bedroom and you can still see them often. From oversized seashells to family photos, rock collections, wine corks and more, there are myriad assortments that look great on the wall and free up extra space in your bedroom.

Add Shelves

The perimeter of your bedroom might not be the first place you consider when you're trying to incorporate more storage into your bedroom.

However, you'd be amazed at the functionality you can gain by elevating some of your belongings! Even the most narrow shelf can hold books, candles, framed photos and other special items. If you have children, this is also a great way to keep some of your most valuable or breakable objects away from curious, prying hands. 

You don't have to get too ornate with the design or add multiple shelving layers. One simple shelf that runs across your room can add dozens of feet of new space!

Befriend Classic Pegs

Ah, the simple wooden peg. Small enough to not overwhelm or clutter your room, but infinitely limitless in its possibilities. A single row of pegs on the back of your closet door can be a great place to hang shoes, tank tops, hats or even jewelry.

You can also place a few pegs strategically around your bedroom to hold sweaters, handbags, or any other accessories you tend to grab on a daily basis. Painted the color of your walls, they blend in seamlessly and make organization a breeze. 

Invest in These Bedroom Essentials Today

Even in a small apartment, it's more than possible to stretch out and relax. While you might not have the space for an oversized suite of furniture, focusing your efforts on the functional items that do fit is a smart move.

These bedroom essentials can help you maximize the area in your room. When used together, you'll find that your personal retreat feels much more spacious and sizable than it actually is.

For more bedding, furniture and lifestyle products designed to help you curate a simply beautiful life, feel free to explore the rest of our online shop. As you do, reach out with any questions and let's connect.